Trusted To Manage Janitorial Services For

Most companies change
janitorial services every 10 months.

We offer a better option. We partner with the best janitorial companies, train
them to our high standards, and monitor their work — so you never have to.

The average iNX customer retains our services for more than 6 years!

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No Hidden Fees

We’ll agree on the pricing & the scope of work, so you’re never hit with unexpected costs.

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Monitored for

Day or night, we monitor your
janitorial team — so you never
have to.

Customized janitorial services

Highly Customized Commercial Cleaning Services

Creative commercial janitorial service for
a morale-boosting

Commercial cleaning services Orange County

What if you have a problem
with your commercial cleaning services?

If there is ever a problem, we want to know right away so that we can take care of it within 4 hours or less.

As the management company, our sole priority is serving you and
ensuring your facility always meets your expectations.

Plus, if your facilities’ team isn’t providing exceptional, consistent
service we will switch you to a new provider without disruption.
(No more wasting time and resources searching for a new janitorial

Finally, have the right janitorial
service on your side.

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Schedule Appointment

Show us around your facility and share how we can best serve your cleaning needs.

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Create a Scope of Work

Together we’ll create a customized scope of work
with all your expectations.

Facility janitorial services

Never Worry About an
Unclean Facility Again

Finally feel like the place you work reflects the great work
you do!

The 3 Secrets to Getting The Most From a Commercial Janitorial Provider

How many times have you thought you had a reliable commercial janitorial service provider, only to wind up replacing them in just 10 months? It’s frustrating trying to find a service that doesn’t create more problems than solutions. We know — we’ve been there. And to save you the trouble, we’re giving up our best secrets so you can put an end to the revolving door of commercial janitorial providers and find reliable, consistent cleaners.

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Commercial cleaning and janitorial services San Bernardino

Make Your Cleaning List as Custom as Your Company.

One of our customers requests bottles of water on the desks of more than 100 employees every morning. Our team manages all the details to make it happen consistently, every night.

We offer completely customized commercial cleaning services so that your facility is always ready for a great day’s work!


Why choose a commercial janitorial service management company instead of an independent janitorial company?

  • Are you frustrated every morning when you walk into your facility? Maybe you’re met with streaks on your floors, empty toilet paper holders, or full trash cans.
  • Your janitorial provider started out strong, but after a few months, the work became less than mediocre, & now you’re looking—once again—for a new janitorial provider.
  • Your time is more valuable to your company than having to shop every 10 months for a new janitorial service provider. We believe there is a better way.

You don’t need a new janitorial company. You need a management company solely focused on providing the best cleaning services every time.

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For years we saw companies taken advantage of by janitorial services.

  • That’s why since 2002, we’ve helped over 700 companies stop the search for better janitors by providing a different type of commercial janitorial service. We partner with the best janitorial companies, train them to our standards, and monitor their work, so you never have to.
  • Unlike independent janitorial companies, if your expectations are not met we replace your janitorial provider without any disruption to your services (or searching for a new company).
  • We believe the great work you do deserves a clean facility you can be proud of. We’re pleased to serve hundreds of companies to ensure their facilities are always ready for a great days’ work.

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