Kelsey P

iNX Commercial Cleaning Solutions was extremely prompt in reaching out to me following my request for a quote. The sales staff, Chad, was well organized, friendly and professional. The cleaning crew did an absolutely outstanding job on deep cleaning our office, and we’ve since decided to retain them for ongoing cleaning. Would highly recommend them to anybody looking for commercial cleaning services.

David J.

INX Is by far a very good, very responsive janitorial service company.
From the very beginning, they were very easy to contact and obtain excellent price quotes and a very good service contract.
Pedro Vasquez managed the actual cleaning team and was always on top of things for us. He took care of handling the security devices in our facilities and oversaw the cleaning crew.
From the corporate side of INX, Amanda Panzer, Chase Mooney, and Silvio Morales were all amazing as they supported each other in ensuring that the work was always done in a satisfactory manner.
Everyone on the INX team was extremely responsive to any call that I made and to questions that I had. They even made suggestions that were very helpful regarding the performance of the details in our contract.

Without the slightest doubt or reservation, I would not hesitate for a moment hesitate to recommend them to others for janitorial work.

Give them a chance to suit your needs and see for yourself how pleased you will be!

Siobhan F.

Great team. Very communicative, attentive.

Saul M.

We hired iNX to clean our offices. Not only did they come on time, but they cleaned better than any company has ever cleaned for us.
The crew showed up after hours, cleaned everything we had explained was needed and they did a wonderful job. The value they gave is unbeatable. They truly are price aggressive and perform well.
I would highly recommend them to any company that needs after hours cleaning.

Carlotta D.

Provides great service and communicates very well! This is a drastic improvement from the last company we used. The team is on top of everything and always checks in to see how they can improve or if there is anything we need!

Derek S.

I had an emergency cleaning that needed to happen and they were able to get a team for me at the last minute. That’s not the best part. We were cleaning out an apartment space (3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, stairwell, kitchen, living room and dining rooms, etc) and things hadn’t been deep cleaned in almost 2 years. In about 7 hours, the space looked almost new and smelled like it too. I mean every nook and cranny space was clean.

We already used INX for our office space but the service that they provided to us on this particular project has me as a customer for life. Thank you Amanda for taking care of us!