Spike in Employee Complaints?

Is Your Uneven Janitorial Coverage Causing a Spike in Employee Complaints?

Effective janitorial services can help keep the peace in 24/7 businesses

Janitorial services are much more than just wiping down counters and sweeping floors, especially in a business where you have multiple shifts all day and night. If you only have day porter services, then the evening messes, junk, and cleanliness are worse. The same happens if you only have janitorial services come at night. Having just one service in a 24/7 building can leave your employees with a less clean, less healthy, and more unproductive mindset. The National Association of Professional Organizers discovered in a study that clutter, junk, and mess can lead to financial losses equaling up to 10 percent of a manager’s pay. Additionally, that loss is the result of poor organization, not lack of storage space.

If you hate it when a certain shift ends or starts because employees start sending in complaints or concerns regarding their surrounding office space, then you have an issue that is solvable. Employee productivity suffers when they don’t feel valued or appreciated, or when they notice that others receive preferential treatment. No employee wants to suffer through requesting supplies from the bathroom because he or she didn’t realize there weren’t any or having to use a kitchen where all the mugs are dirty. Wet counters in the restroom or horrendous odors from those restrooms may make your employees get back to work faster, but not for the right reasons. A routine janitorial service can smooth over restroom wars between shifts and make sure your employees have a clean breakroom to use so they don’t get sick.

Dealing with the clutter, junk, and mess from another shift was probably not in the job description and it only adds stress and a negative atmosphere to expect it of them. Sticky counters, food left out, overflowing employee trash cans, etc., can cause the employees who have to work through it to feel underappreciated and they may start searching for work elsewhere where they will be appreciated. And, those sticky surfaces, crumbs, and forgotten food in trash cans can lead to annoying pests, such as ants, which can cause an even bigger problem for your company. Your company can nip a lot of these issues in the bud by hiring a janitorial service that works when needed instead of only once per day.

Why We’re Different

With our proven process, we come to your facility to assess your specific needs by asking the correct questions to understand exactly what you need and are looking for in janitorial services. Since we get to know your facility personally, we are a step above those companies that are only out for a quick clean and a fast check. After our assessment, we know exactly what your company needs. It may be you are in need of a hybrid janitorial approach with both day porters and an overnight cleaning crew to make sure your facility is in tip-top shape and all your employees feel sufficiently cared for. Remember that happy employees mean higher productivity.

Our day porters are trained to be flexible, responsive, and on demand, so they are available whenever you need them during the busy workday while also being able to work on a set, contracted schedule for your company. Our overnight janitorial service crews are extensively trained and stick to the scope of predetermined work and follow through with high attention to detail. They are trained in our efficient top-to-bottom cleaning method, including damp dusting, scheduled floor care, and scheduled cleaning throughout the year.

At iNX, our use of top notch equipment ensures the highest quality results

Tennant V-WA-30 Wide Area Vacuum – This vacuum cleans a 30-inch-wide section of carpet with a low profile and a four-stage HEPA filtration system. It carries an impressive 45-quart capacity and can clean up to 14,000 square feet an hour.

Tennant S9 Wide Area Sweeper – This self-propelled sweeper can clean an area 35 inches wide and can clean up to 23,630 square feet. This machine can easily maneuver those corners we were talking about with dual side brushes already attached. This is a workhorse for janitorial services and is a lovely addition to clearing main walkways leading into your business.

Tennant i-mop XL Scrubber – This walk-behind scrubber with dual-head brushing lets you clean with free movement and ease of use. The scrubbers reach out 18 inches and can hold up to a gallon of cleaning solution. It is made not only to clean but also for the professional cleaner.

Once your janitorial coverage is spread throughout shifts, employees will stop bothering you with complaints and concerns because each shift will be treated equally. They can focus on working diligently without having to work through or over the other shift’s mess. Productivity will go up because the level of stress will lower and the feeling of being undervalued will leave along with the clutter, junk, and mess. Happy employees are more productive, pleasant, and efficient.

Your bathrooms will be sparkling clean for all shifts. Nothing is worse than walking into a disgusting bathroom with wet counters, wet floors, dirty toilets, and no supplies. The trash cans will be emptied promptly and relined, so no odors will linger or drift into the main work areas. Counters will be dry and clean, mirrors will be smudge-free, and floors and toilets won’t make your employees pick up the scrub brush anymore, which means they can get back to work. Janitorial services both day and night will make your employees stop complaining about everything.

Sticky and mysterious substances on the breakroom counters or microwaves will be cleaned away. Kitchen supplies will also be cleaned, leaving your employees to grab that cup of coffee quickly instead of having to wash everything from spoon to coffee pot. Floors will be spotless, tables wiped down, and any breakroom supplies, such as napkins or coffee cups, will be refilled by janitorial services without an employee going to the storage room on company time. And, best of all, using a janitorial service means ants will have no crumbs or residue to flock to. So, you can rest easy about having a pest control issue.

PS: If you want all your employees on every shift to feel equally valued while working in your 24-hour facility, call iNX today and schedule your free consultation!

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