Provider Lacking Process?

Is Your Provider Lacking Consistency & Process?

Poor services can stem from the buying process!

This is the fourth time you have called your janitorial company to complain about an unfinished job. Whether it is because supplies were left to be stocked by the employees the next day, the carpets were left grimy, or the bathroom mirrors were still covered in smudges, it is the work you are paying for. So, why can’t they seem to get it right You wonder if every company is like this and wonder if you should even search for a new cleaning company. At least all the calling around was over, right? Every cleaning company is probably the same, right? Wrong.

A janitorial company that gives you a quote over the phone is a company that you should be wary of. Would you agree to do a project without knowing everything it involves? How long would it take? What is required? The answer is probably no, so those companies who give you a seemingly cheap quote over the phone do not take into account exactly what your business needs. They just want the check. You get what you pay for in the cleaning industry, so make sure you’re using a respected janitorial company to fulfill your needs.

If you notice that your janitorial company has new cleaning crew members every few weeks and a higher than normal turnover rate, there is something about its business model that is driving workers away. Too little pay for too much work is a common reason cleaners quit jobs at these companies because the owners agree to clean a huge business for a low price– as a result, the workers get the short end of the stick because they have to clean extra hours to cover the whole building or they are accused of not completing a job. When a four-hour job turns into an eight-hour job for four hours of pay, it is not worth it. The company can also be cutting corners by illegal hiring, inadequate employee screening, or paying under the table.

If they don’t have an easy way to get in touch, there is probably a reason. You shouldn’t have to play phone tag for a service you are paying for. Nor should you have to hear empty promises about issues that will be taken care of, and then find yourself calling yet again about the same issue.

We’re Different & Here’s Why

Our extensive process of making sure that we can meet your needs proves that our quality offered is the best. We never offer quotes over the phone because we know the value of a formal walk through. The walk through helps us assess your needs in relation to your environment (both inside and out), the number of employees at your business, and the level of attention needed. Our quote is thorough and accurate to avoid any confusion or issues on either end. We don’t underbid your facility just to win your business, we give you accurate pricing based on your actual needs.

Our janitorial company has a 10-step complaint process that “closes the loop” on anything that needs to be changed or corrected. That means that if your business needs evolve, we are able to adjust your contract to fit your needs. We also have an excellent Quality Assurance process that allows us to systematically monitor and evaluate our business. Plus, our dedicated Customer Hub ensures that you always will have a place to go when you have questions about billing or services. All this goes to show that iNX Building Maintenance Solutions genuinely cares about its customers and will fulfill every commitment we make.

You won’t regret your decision of a janitorial company because, at iNX, we make sure that everything we do is done with the highest quality. No runaround or phone tag with us. We make sure that the contract written and customized for your business fulfills all of your needs. We don’t cut corners at iNX, we clean them. You will have more time to worry about your job, your business, and your customers rather than worrying about how to get in touch with a janitorial company that doesn’t fulfill its promises.

You won’t have to worry about high turnover because we value our employees and pay them appropriately so that they can feel properly appreciated. When employees feel valued, their work shines, and we can assure you that our specially trained cleaning specialists will do everything to make your business shine like new. Our janitorial company has workers who have been with us for years and not only are they trained on proper cleaning techniques, they are also trained in professionalism and standards of conduct.

You won’t feel stressed out about having to contact us. But, if there is a complaint, we have established communication channels for our janitorial company that help you get your problems resolved quickly. Janitors are human and sometimes make mistakes, too. However, with our processes, including Quality Assurance and our Customer Hub, you can rest assured that your issues will be heard, understood, and fixed as soon as possible. We value each and every business that comes to us and make sure that its customized plan fits its business in every way.

P.S. : If you’re fed up with empty promises, low-quality cleaning services, and shady janitorial companies, call us toll free at 1-888-Team-iNX and schedule your free consultation today!