Cleaning Audits: A Guide for Facility Managers

Navigating a cleaning audit can feel as daunting as receiving unexpected news, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it can be a smooth process that not only eases the workload for your already busy staff but also boosts the effectiveness of your cleaning efforts, making your building safer and healthier.


Enhancing Cleaning Standards with Third-Party Inspections

Facility managers know the importance of visual cleaning inspections, but relying on a third-party inspection adds an extra layer of assurance that your cleaning program is up to scratch. Especially after the pandemic, hygiene audits have become essential. By combining a focus on health with compliance checks, you’re not only sending a strong message about safety but also improving your facility’s reputation and supporting sustainability.

It might sound strange, but welcoming regular inspections by experts outside your organization is actually a smart move for cleaning companies. These audits provide solid proof of your cleaning quality and reassure everyone involved, from executives to tenants. At iNX Commercial Cleaning, we understand that fixing cleaning problems often goes beyond blaming individual cleaning techs. Sometimes, it’s about improving specifications in the scope of work or addressing logistical challenges, and that’s where our expertise comes in.


Addressing Challenges Promptly

When issues arise with staff, training, or management, it’s crucial to address them promptly to prevent bigger problems down the line. Both facility managers and cleaning companies need to ensure audits are fair, collaborative, and respectful to everyone involved.

Ultimately, audits show that you take the responsibility of caring for your building seriously, providing peace of mind to everyone inside. And investing in third-party audits pays off for everyone in the long run.


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