School Attendance Dropping?

Do You Feel Responsible for a Decrease in Student Attendance?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that the average child catches at least eight colds per year. Children in the United States miss as many as 189 million school days annually due to colds. These missed school days are a result of students sharing classes, facilities, books, desks, and several hours per day together. This increases their exposure to germs. As a result, there are more chances to become ill if your janitorial services aren’t up to par.

The lack of cleanliness in schools impacts those with allergies, spreads germs, and increases bug or rodent infestations. It also promotes higher levels of stress for students and teachers. Every reason above is cause for parents to leave your school or enroll their children into a different school. Don’t let a lack of cleanliness due to due poor janitorial services decrease your student attendance.

Table tops, including those in the cafeteria, library, and classrooms are most likely to have a buildup of germs. These germs can cause Norovirus, influenza, parainfluenza, and MRSA as shown in a study by Charles Gerba. This means the normal surfaces students come into contact with everyday are not being properly cleaned or sanitized daily. So your janitorial services are ineffective and that is a huge problem.

Several school janitorial services are misinformed on the correct course of cleaning. Many janitors mistakenly believe using more of a chemical makes it stronger and therefore it works better. But, using a 1:5 dilution instead of the recommended 1:10 increases exposure to harmful chemicals for the students in your schools. Janitors also tend to use the same rag or sponge for every cleaning chore they tackle. This can be ineffective and actually spread germs around more.

Notice the Difference

There are many things that make us different than your typical janitorial company. We properly train our employees at iNX Building Maintenance. They are knowledgeable about the proper and correct use of materials, tools, and chemical compositions. This knowledge ensures that we will most effectively disinfect, clean, and sanitize. For example, we know that disinfecting comes after cleaning. So, any product that claims to both clean and disinfect can be dangerous and most likely ineffective.

We know how to locate the hotspots for contamination; restrooms, doorknobs, light switches, drinking fountains, communal tables, and more. We won’t overlook small details like the toilet flush lever, restroom locks, and push plates on exit doors. We make sure that our employees have plenty of time to complete all required tasks. We make sure there’s no last-minute rushing or shoddy cleaning work. We understand that cleaning a school can be huge undertaking. But we also know that the cleaning and sanitizing needs to be done correctly. That’s why our janitorial services are superior to the norm.

Just like every business, every school is different. Whether it’s a preschool, elementary, middle, or high school, we know exactly which janitorial services to provide. We will make sure your school is clean, safe, and ready to enroll more students. We talk with you to make sure your concerns are addressed and make sure that we are both on the same page with what to expect from your janitorial services.

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The systems and processes we have in place ensure our customers that they will be responded to promptly. For the chance that you’d like to alter the type or frequency of your cleaning services, our client service managers are always available to make those changes. If anything is amiss, our dedicated customer HUB makes sure you won’t be caught in the endless loop of callbacks. If there are any issues about our janitorial services, both our 10-step complaint and Quality Assurance processes ensure errors are corrected the first time.

After you’ve made the decision to outsource your cleaning to iNX, you will have healthier students and less absenteeism due to illness or disease. Your students and faculty will be able to focus clearly in a clean and safe environment, resulting in a higher chance of academic success. You’ll soon notice that your nurse’s station will have fewer visits due to a huge drop in student illness & consequently, you’ll save money on medical supplies. Families will be less likely to change schools once they see their child doing splendidly academically. They will also notice the care that your janitorial services have put into maintaining your school.

Most importantly, your school will look the way it was intended. No more cobwebs in the corners or constant fingerprints muddying the view outside on every window. Your floors will be well treated and maintained, and your bathrooms will be thoroughly cleaned. A clean school will lead to more children enrolling. Ultimately, it will be a happier, healthier place for teachers to educate your students & your students to learn.

PS: Academic success is top priority for all educators. To increase academic success, you need to provide your students with a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment.

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