Effective Strategies for Commercial Restroom Maintenance

Every year, the commercial cleaning industry witnesses the emergence of new high-tech solutions that challenge traditional cleaning methods. While these innovations offer efficiency and savings, certain fundamental principles of restroom maintenance remain constant.


The Impact of Clean Restrooms on Business

The 2022 Healthy Handwashing Survey by Bradley Corporation revealed that nearly 60% of Americans are inclined to patronize businesses with clean, well-kept restrooms. This underscores the enduring importance of restroom hygiene. In this blog, we explore key truths about restroom cleaning, drawing insights from cleaning industry experts and dispelling common misconceptions.


Navigating the Frequency of Toilet Disinfection

Navigating the frequency of toilet disinfection requires striking a balance between acceptable cleaning intervals and the risk of contamination. Experts emphasize the impact of factors like traffic and occupancy on cleaning frequencies. 

In the post-COVID-19 era, cleaning habits have intensified, with disinfection now performed more frequently than ever before. While there’s no fixed rule for disinfection frequency, it’s crucial to consider building traffic and restroom usage. Investing in signage to communicate restroom cleaning schedules helps meet public demand for increased cleanliness.


Addressing Overlooked Areas in Restroom Cleaning

One commonly overlooked aspect of restroom hygiene is the latch inside restroom stalls. Despite being a high-touch surface, it is often neglected in commercial cleaning routines. Experts stress the need for proper training protocols that address these overlooked areas, utilizing tools such as ATP meters to reinforce cleaning procedures.


Utilizing Advanced Technology in Restroom Cleaning

Advanced imaging technologies offer new insights into restroom cleanliness, enabling facility managers to identify and address contamination effectively. Investing in such technology enhances commercial cleaning procedures and ensures thorough sanitation of all surfaces.


The Importance of Proper Floor Care in Restroom Cleaning

A prevalent misconception in restroom floor care is the belief that damp-mopping suffices for cleanliness. However, this approach can lead to grout discoloration and odor issues due to trapped water in drains. Proper floor care involves using equipment that expels excess water, preventing odor buildup, and maintaining hygiene standards.


Prioritizing Odor Control in Commercial Cleaning

Addressing restroom odors is a crucial aspect of maintenance often overlooked by facility managers. The importance of prioritizing odor control to enhance user experience cannot be understated. Implementing effective odor control measures, such as strategic placement of deodorizers based on airflow dynamics, significantly improves restroom ambiance.


Upholding Standards with Commercial Cleaning Solutions

While technology continues to shape restroom cleaning practices, adherence to fundamental principles remains essential for commercial cleaning professionals. By prioritizing cleanliness, addressing overlooked areas, and embracing innovative solutions, facilities can create a welcoming restroom environment that enhances user satisfaction and reflects positively on the overall building experience. Partnering with industry-leading commercial cleaning companies like iNX Commercial Cleaning Solutions further elevates the standards of restroom care, ensuring thorough sanitation and maintenance. 


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