Customized Cleaning for Your Financial Institution – You Call the Shots!

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Like any other business, it’s important that banks and financial institutions are always kept clean. Given the security risk of having a large amount of money on the premises, a bank cannot use just any commercial janitorial cleaning company. It needs reliable, trustworthy, and professional people to service the building.

You need a professional cleaning company that takes its business as seriously as you take yours. It also has to take your security very seriously. Banks cannot afford any compromise in security measures and have to work with a cleaning company that does the same.

The good news is, there are some reputable, highly professional janitorial cleaning services available. The trick is to find the right one.

Given the risks involved and the responsibility the bank must its shareholders and customers, it is only fair that the screening process for janitorial cleaning services is a stringent process.

A professional company will not be offended by this and will have all the necessary information at its fingertips. As the client, you call the shots. Do not just take the company’s word for it. ask to see how it screens and employs its staff.

Staff Screening and Background Checks

Just as you do careful background checks on staff for your bank, the janitorial cleaning services company needs to do the same. You get very basic background checks, which are simply not enough, and, then, you get more in-depth checks.

Background Checks on Cleaning Staff

While a basic check will just confirm your Social Security number, a detailed check will give the employer details of your work history, a full credit report, driving records, and details of any criminal history.

Prospective employees applying for a job at a professional cleaning company will have to give their consent for the checks to be done. The check is regulated by The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The company can still get details of people who have serious financial problems or have irresponsible behavior patterns.

Other aspects of a detailed background check could also include medical records, education information, court records, property ownership, military records, and sex offender information.

Drug testing is not that common, but many companies do use it, especially if they suspect there might be a problem. Drug dependency or abuse will make an employee in a high-security environment a greater risk. They can also be blackmailed or bribed more easily.

By law, the company will have to test everyone if it wishes to run drug tests. Drug tests are used for safety reasons as well and to ensure it is employing productive staff.

There are agencies that specialize in these detailed background checks. Most employment agencies are not equipped to do full testing.

Such extensive checks are costly, so if they are required by the bank, this will add to the cost of the service. You need to assess your overall security concerns and requirements, as well as the areas in which the janitorial cleaning services staff will work to determine your requirements.

Such rigorous detailed background screening is not necessary for all janitorial cleaning services staff. Most will work in secure areas where there is no cash around and do not require in-depth checks. You still want to be sure that the company is selecting its staff carefully and doing some sort of background checks.

It is also important, as part of the screening process, to check references from previous employers. This will give the cleaning company a good indication of the reliability and honesty of the applicant.

Uniforms & Identification

It is essential that any staff member from a commercial janitorial cleaning company is easily identified. He or she should always wear uniforms and have an ID card.

Effective Cleaning

Customers want to come to a clean and tidy environment and will be turned away by an area that is not clean. This could cause you to lose out on customers. An untidy bank creates a negative impression that will affect existing and potential customers.

Staff members also need a clean and healthy working environment. They will take more pride in the company and, therefore, their work. Studies have shown a definite link between a clean work environment and improved productivity.

A healthy and hygienic environment also means fewer sick days, which also improves productivity. A clean workplace is important for staff morale. You are dependent on the professional cleaning company to clean correctly and create this environment.

Once you are happy with the professional cleaning company’s screening and vetting process, you need to be sure it is up to the job of cleaning the bank effectively.

The best way to do this is, first, to check the reputation of the company yourself. A quick online search should provide sufficient information to give you an idea. Look for one that specializes in banks. Not just any commercial janitorial cleaning company has the right staff, as well as skills and experience, to work in the banking environment.

The next step is to ask the company for a cleaning plan or a scope of work. This will indicate exactly what it is going to clean and how often each area will be cleaned.

High-traffic areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas need frequent cleaning. On the other hand, offices, storerooms, and other parts of the bank need to be cleaned less often. This plan can be decided on together and can be changed in the future if necessary.

One thing that has to be determined is the time of cleaning. This includes security concerns. Many cleaning companies work at night when there is no staff around, but this could pose a greater security threat. It might also mean paying overtime to internal staff to oversee the cleaners. This is something you have to decide on based on the banking operation and security issues.

Just as you and the professional cleaning company have to choose staff with care, do your homework before contracting with a commercial janitorial cleaning service. Ensure you get the right people for the job.

iNX is a professional cleaning company that specializes in banks. It takes great care in staff selection and has an outstanding record with banks. To learn more about how iNX can serve your financial institution, call 1 (888) TEAM-INX or fill out this form on our website to be contacted by one of our team members.