Unique Cleaning Concerns in Banks

The reputation of a bank, loan center, or any financial service office is heavily influenced by a clean, respected image. In today’s times, the banking world is competitive and fast-paced – potential bankers often struggle to see any real benefits between the services of one bank over another. A coffee stain on the carpet or a messy restroom is all it takes for clients to regret their decision and lose trust in your business.

As a bank manager or operator, highly sensitive information and financial data make it challenging when choosing an outside vendor. Your business is responsible for the safekeeping of your clients’ money, assets, and private information. So, while you are searching for potential vendors for daily janitorial services, trust and security should be at the forefront of your priorities. The importance of hiring and trusting a janitorial company to clean with a “security-first” mentality cannot be understated – your clients’ trust depends on it.

The inexperienced, the lowest-cost cleaning companies will happily agree to service your financial institution, just as they do any other office. But that option will prove to be impractical, ineffective, and potentially dangerous simply because key skills and qualifications set bank cleaning practices apart from other office spaces.

Our experience has taught us that cleaning isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution – no two businesses are the same. At iNX, we understand how crucial it is to use different protocols and techniques when working in banks or any other type of financial institution. Below, we’ve outlined the unique factors associated with cleaning banks & how iNX can be your solution.

Unique Concerns to Bank Cleaning

To the untrained eye, one might think cleaning a bank is just like any other office. The iNX experienced professionals know this to be false – there are several distinctions that make cleaning financial institutions unique to other industries:

Visitor Scrutiny The stakes are high when it comes to client and visitor judgment. How can you trust a bank with your life savings if you can’t even trust that the countertops won’t be sticky? When attracting new customers is essential to a business’s growth and survival, a positive first impression is everything.

Foot Traffic & Mixed Flooring Unlike a typical business office, a financial institution generates high foot traffic on a daily basis, giving your hard floors and carpeted areas retail-like exposure. When busy banks require vacuuming multiple times a day, it must be done in a way that does not disturb customers and banking activities. 

Bank Cleaning with iNX

We at iNX Building Maintenance Solutions understand that the bank’s appearance is your first impression for your entire business. We hold our financial institution cleaning services to our highest standards of quality, security, and trust. 

Professional Products & Equipment All of our cleaning crews use safe, environmentally friendly products and practices that can tackle any level of foot traffic.

Secure Protocols iNX cleaning crews are extensively trained in bank cleaning security. We utilize the latest technology to track the whereabouts of our staff while servicing your property and always wear full uniform to ensure we’re easy to identify. Our crews happily follow any existing security rules and producers in place.

Advanced Standards Our quality assurance process, 10-step complaint process, and frequent on-site meetings with our clients are put in place to guarantee exceptional results. That means that if your business needs evolve, we are able to adjust your contract to fit your needs.

Closing Thoughts

Managing a bank is tricky – managing a successful bank is even trickier, unless you’re working with iNX. You need to have the utmost confidence in your janitorial staff’s ability to carry out their cleaning duties without the need to be constantly supervised. We at iNX have a comprehensive training program for all new and existing cleaning staff. For a janitorial company you can trust to deliver exceptional, consistent results, call 1 (888) TEAM-INX or schedule an appointment to speak with one of our representatives.