In-House Cleaning Problems

Is Your In-House Cleaning Staff Causing You Problems in Your Medical Office?
Professional cleaning for medical facilities in Los Angeles

Your routine medical office cleaning should help you keep patients, not lose them.

The cleaning and maintenance of your medical facility is a key part of an overall smooth operation. However, operating a medical office cleaning service department in-house can be a nightmare. It is literally operating a completely separate business with separate requirements and responsibilities within your existing business. With an in-house janitorial crew, you are pulling extra resources in terms of insurance, taxes, and salary requirements.

A dirty and poorly kept medical facility negatively impacts patient and family perception. It negatively impacts your ability to recruit, hire and retain a great healthcare team. It impacts the overall impression of your facility and services. A dusty lobby, messy bathroom mirrors, and grimy armrests, will make people less likely to recommend or return to your practice. Potential employees will leave if they perceive the dirty office as a place where their professional work won’t be prioritized.

Many offices think handling their medical office cleaning tasks using their own employees is a practical way to save money. And those that hire an in-house crew to handle their cleaning realize that it is not the cheaper route. Time and money is used up on training the staff or paying the in-house crew. The in-house crew requires you to deal with additional pay checks, insurance and 401k, among other payroll requirements. The sensible and economical choice is to outsource your cleaning to a janitorial provider who specializes in medical cleaning.

Leave It To the Professionals

Team iNX has years of documented experience with healthcare and medical office cleaning accounts. Our services are well reviewed by all our customers because we meet their needs. We customize each service contract and provide a detailed list of everything we do each visit. We also provide a list of seasonal or occasional services to be added like polishing floors or exterior power washing.

We visit your location and assess the type of medical office cleaning services needed because we know that no two hospitals or clinics are alike. We understand that an offer given over the phone before assessing your needs on location is an uneducated guess. Instead, we walk the premises, identify gaps in care, and outline how we can meet your budget and quality goals. We point out ways you can save on more effective cleaning, rather than more scheduled cleanings. We care about maintaining our relationships with our customer and pride ourselves on thorough screening, employee oversight, and quality training. We use hospital approved chemicals and disinfectants, and we adherence to industry best-practices. Lastly, we have regularly scheduled inspections to ensure quality and consistency. We are also familiar with HIPPA and other related regulations and compliance issues.

The systems and processes we have in place ensure our customers that they will be responded to promptly. For the chance that you’d like to alter the type or frequency of your cleaning services, our client service managers are always available to make those changes. If anything is amiss, our dedicated customer HUB makes sure you won’t be caught in the endless loop of callbacks. If there are any issues about our janitorial services, both our 10-step complaint and Quality Assurance processes ensure errors are corrected the first time.

Results of Outsourcing to iNX

Your medical office cleaning services will be handled by trained and efficient professionals. We know exactly what it means to maintain, clean, and effective disinfect your facility. Therefore, you can focus on providing excellent and quality medical care and not have to worry about cleaning. Your focus will no longer be pulled in two different directions with two different to-do lists to maintain.

Your patients and their families will be happy to recommend your sparkling clean facility to other people. A clean, healthy medical environment will make it easier to recruit and retain excellent medical personnel. Additionally, the overall impression of your facility and services attract potential customers and potential employees.

Outsourcing your medical office cleaning services is cost effective! You will save money in all the ways that employees cost companies. As a bonus, you will get top notch care and service to your office. You’ll have an expert cleaning staff that knows how to get more done in less time. We secure optimal pricing on equipment, supplies, and refillable goods such as paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, etc. You won’t have to worry about the costs associated with recruiting, screening, hiring, workers compensation, training, or managing employees.

PS: Managing your in house cleaning staff takes away from your opportunity to serve your patients. Call us toll free at 1 (888) TEAM-INX and begin outsourcing your cleaning today.