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The Future of Cleaning

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The time when a woman could be found on her knees scrubbing a floor with a wire brush in an attempt to clean it is gone. Modern approaches to service delivery and cleaning and janitorial services mean cleaning is more efficient, more effective, delivers better results, and is more cost-effective, too. These are just current advances before we look at the role of technology in the future of cleaning.

So, let’s see where we have come from, and where we are now, in terms of commercial janitorial cleaning.

In the past, businesses and family estates with capital hired small armies of local women to clean for them. The work was to be done behind the scenes, so people did not want to think about their workspaces being cleaned, only to expect to never see anything dirty.

Cleaning in the Past

The work was physical and largely visual. In other words, more concern was placed on what looked clean rather than what was germ-free. Once the role of germs and infections became known, cleaning and janitorial services started focusing on disinfection and the use of chemicals became standard.

Still, today, water, high-pressure water, hot water, and steam are staples in the cleaning regimen of any professional cleaning company. In addition, are a range of chemicals and cleaning agents designed for a specific use. The difference is modern chemicals are designed to kill germs yet not be harmful to humans, especially those using them for cleaning.

Industry Cleaning

Medical cleaning services obviously come with their own set of challenges. They need to be as clean as possible while causing no harm to staff and patients. Technologies in this area include protection wear for the cleaners to ensure they are not exposed to germs or medical byproducts.

The janitorial company’s role in manufacturing cleaning services is again essential. While we often think of manufacturing as an industry that is already dirty, modern manufacturing often means the production of high-precision, delicate equipment for which the smallest dust and dirt could make the items not work. In this case, janitorial services include both large-scale cleaning operations, as well as paying attention to small and delicate areas of the manufacturing plant’s production areas.

As technology has advanced, so have the facilities in modern office buildings and cleaning office buildings has needed to evolve, too. Now, the teams arriving to do the cleaning are smaller, more efficient, and a professional janitorial company will be equipped with the most modern equipment and technology available.

Beyond the cart of detergents, various cloths, and specialized equipment for smaller items of work, a high-quality janitorial company will also have the use of high-pressure hoses for cleaning grime, steam cleaners for disinfectants, walk-behind floor scrubbers, telescope dusters, etc.

Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles in offices are an area where janitorial services excel. These require special attention to get rid of stains and grime from dirt and recycled office air. Since the ceiling tiles are made from different materials, they require different approaches. Some can be cleaned with a light dusting; others with mild detergents. Others still may need a scrub. Imagine scrubbing the floor, but upside down.


The next biggest challenge of modern commercial janitorial cleaning is cleaning windows. Plenty of movies have had fun with the dangers of the wrong people on the window-cleaning carriage.

In the early years of high-rise buildings, it was possible for window cleaners to be suspended from various floors with safety harnesses to clean the windows. Architectural progress meant that window cleaning needed to progress, too. So, booms and platforms were rigged off the top of the building, allowing a few workers to deal with sections of the window at a time.

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High-pressure hoses for cleaning are only effective for a few stories up and, even then, are not the best solution. And, this is not even taking the waste of natural resources into account.

Here is where some innovative experiments are happening with the future of technology in office building cleaning services. While these are not commercially available yet, they do show how important these sectors are.

-Battery-operated robots, fixed to the outside of the windows, can clean the surface area. Because they run on batteries, they need to be recharged often.

-Self-cleaning films and even nanotechnology for self-cleaning have been suggested for windows at heights.

-Jetpack wearing cleaners is another suggestion, but would not work with large skyscrapers.

Modern architects obviously experiment with new forms of building expression, and it becomes part of their responsibility to anticipate and make plans for how to clean their creative designs. One idea is to have hidden articulated booms that can be swung out to clean specific areas of windows. These need to be included in the plans at the beginning of the design.

Green Technologies

Another evolution that the professional cleaning company needs to consider is the trend of some companies going green. They will specifically look for suppliers and janitorial services that will provide eco-friendly options. In this case, everything from the type of detergents used to the process of discarding waste needs to be considered. The use of more energy-efficient equipment also becomes important. 

One of the most popular approaches to modern cleaning equipment is to use robotic cleaning items, such as floor scrubbers, sweepers and vacuums. Most people choose to use the battery-operated equipment because it is safer and more efficient, although may need to be recharged from time to time.

The Future

So, while a professional janitorial company is unlikely to be staffed by robots pushing robotic machines, it does seem there is an advancement in the use of automated machinery, battery-driven, to clean commercial spaces. This makes the janitorial services safer, cleaner and more cost-effective.

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