Commercial Cleaning and OSHA Standards in Manufacturing

No matter what product is being produced, manufacturing facilities and their heavy machinery and potential hazards, are hotspots for workplace injuries. Because of this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires these facilities to adhere to a set of safety and health standards. Proper maintenance of the workplace is imperative to prevent safety hazards, avoid expensive fines, and ensure workers’ safety. Professional cleaning from a commercial cleaning company is the best way to help meet OSHA regulations and standards in manufacturing facilities.


Managing Hazardous Materials and Waste

Commercial cleaning companies play a vital role in helping manufacturing facilities manage hazardous materials and waste and meet OSHA standards. These companies have trained professionals who are well-versed in the handling and disposal of hazardous materials, ensuring that they are properly contained, labeled, and disposed of in compliance with local and federal regulations. By partnering with a commercial cleaning company, manufacturing facilities can create a safer working environment for their employees, reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and avoid costly fines and penalties for non-compliance with OSHA regulations. 

At iNX Commercial Cleaning Solutions, we provide specialized training, equipment, and certifications to adhere to internal processes and requirements within manufacturing environments. Our technicians help with implementing proper labeling and storage procedures, ensuring proper disposal of hazardous materials and waste, and perform regular cleaning and maintenance services. Doing so helps to keep the facility clean and organized and further contributes to a safer and more efficient workplace.


Clean and Sanitary Workplace

OSHA regulations require manufacturing facilities to maintain a clean and sanitary workplace to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. Commercial cleaning companies play a crucial role in helping manufacturing facilities maintain a clean and sanitary workplace in order to meet OSHA standards. These companies have the expertise and resources to provide specialized cleaning services that effectively remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from surfaces and equipment. By using proper cleaning techniques and equipment, commercial cleaning and janitorial services companies also help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses, which can lead to employee illnesses and productivity losses.

iNX provides commercial cleaning services to manufacturing facilities that are tailored to specific needs including the cleaning of production spaces, restrooms, floors and walls, high-touch surfaces, offices, and more! In addition to keeping surfaces clean, our proper cleaning and disinfection services and cleaning supplies also prevent bacterial infections and other illnesses among employees, increased productivity, and improved product quality.


Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are the leading cause of workplace accidents in manufacturing facilities. OSHA regulations require manufacturing facilities to provide employees with safe working surfaces, including floors, and walkways that are clean and dry, free of hazards, and have adequate traction.

Partnering with iNX Commercial Cleaning Solutions helps prevent these types of accidents by regularly cleaning and maintaining floors, walkways, and other areas of the facility to remove debris, spills, and other hazards that can cause slips, trips, and falls. As leaders in the commercial cleaning industry, iNX also plays an important role in manufacturing facilities by implementing proper signage to alert employees of potential hazards, ensuring adequate lighting throughout the facility, and performing regular inspections to identify and address potential hazards. 


Closing Thoughts

Manufacturing facilities must adhere to OSHA regulations and standards to ensure employee safety and avoid costly fines and penalties. iNX can help your manufacturing facility meet these regulations by providing specialized services tailored to the unique needs of your building. From the management of hazardous materials and waste to maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace and preventing slips, trips, and falls, iNX can provide the expertise and support that manufacturing facilities need to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help your business protect human health, the environment, and comply with regulatory requirements.