Dirty Windows Affecting Mood?

Get a Better View with Commercial Window Cleaning!

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People often talk about the importance of first impressions when people visit your office or facility. They will form an immediate first impression and much of this is based on how clean the office is. Most companies use a professional cleaning company to make sure the office is always neat and tidy.

Generally, people think of the carpets and reception area and ensure those areas are spotless. The office windows are often the first things people notice when approaching the office and they can make or break that first impression. Only a good cleaning and janitorial services company can always ensure sparkling clean windows.

Window cleaning is one area that many companies neglect. They put it off and only get around to cleaning them when the windows are really dirty. Most office windows are not cleaned nearly as often as they should be.

Given how important regular cleaning is in creating a good first impression, this should not be the case. Window cleaning should be a regular part of the commercial janitorial cleaning schedule.

The inside of the office might be spotless and perfectly clean, but all that will be insignificant if the first impression visitors have are dirty windows. That will be the thing that sticks in their mind. The clean interior will not matter because the customer or visitor will only remember the dirty windows.

It might be tempting to cut back on window cleaning to save a few dollars. This will be a mistake. Windows get dirty very quickly, and grimy and streaky windows will create a bad first impression, which could well cost you customers and sales. Any savings you might get from the cutback will be lost because of a decrease in revenue.

Improve Your Outlook

Clean windows are not only important for creating a great first impression on people coming to your office but also for the people on the inside looking out. Clean windows will allow those inside the office a great view.

Often you do not realize how dirty the windows were until they have been cleaned. A dirty window will obscure the view and make it look drab and gloomy outside. Having a professional cleaning company clean the windows regularly will lift the mood of those in the office.

Natural light is therapeutic and beneficial to office staff and visitors. If the window is dirty, it will reduce the amount of natural light that comes in and this will negatively affect those who are inside. Studies have proven natural light has a positive effect on people’s quality of life. Anything that you can do to increase natural light, such as regular cleaning, will positively affect their mood and health.

Hopefully, you have a decent view, even if it is other offices buildings and a busy street. A clear view outside can be relaxing and pleasant for staff and visitors. Without clean windows, the view will be ruined.

Happier and More Productive Staff

Many studies have proven a direct relationship between a clean working environment and employee productivity. Staff members will be happier and more productive in a clean office, and this includes the windows.

They will take more pride in the company and this will reflect in their work and their performance. Do not neglect window cleaning because it will lead to poor staff morale and lower productivity.

commercial window cleaning professional janitorial company los angeles

Better Security

If the windows are grubby, it will be difficult to clearly see potential threats through the window. Criminals could be lurking outside, but your view of them will be obscured if the windows are dirty. This poses a security risk that could be avoided by having clean windows.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Windows

Windows are expensive and correct regular cleaning will prolong the lifespan of the glass. Impurities the windows are exposed to, such as dirt, tree sap, salt, and hard water, can cause etching in the windows. Etching slowly erodes the glass, causing it to weaken and wearing it down.

This will mean more regular replacement of the glass, which can be quite expensive. Regular cleaning by a professional cleaning company will prolong the lifespan of the window glass and save you money in the long run.

Regular cleaning is especially important if your office building is made of concrete. Calcium and other minerals in the concrete leach out over time and run down the glass of the window. This will stain and damage the windows if they are not cleaned regularly.

Correct cleaning done frequently by a professional cleaning company will ensure these mineral deposits do not build up and damage the windows. It is a slow process, but not cleaning the widows will often lead to permanent damage, which means you will have to replace the glass.

Leave It To the Experts

Window cleaning is not as easy as it looks. Those who do not know how to do it correctly often do a poor job and simply spread the dirt around the window, leaving it with large unsightly streaks.

A professional cleaning company has the right equipment, cleaning materials, skills, and experience to make a window streak-free and glimmering. The window will look perfect inside and out.

Window cleaning is often dangerous, and untrained and inexperienced staff could be at great risk cleaning windows. Again, a good janitorial cleaning services company will provide the training, experience, and safety equipment to ensure the job is free from danger.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

When getting a professional cleaning company to clean your windows, ensure the company you deal with is committed to green cleaning. This means it uses materials that are not harmful to the environment or the people working in or visiting the building.

As a company, you have a responsibility to act in an eco-friendly manner, as well as guaranteeing the health and safety of your staff. By dealing with a company that follows green-cleaning practices, you are not putting staff members at risk or adding to the damage to the environment.

For sparkling, streak-free windows, as well as any other commercial cleaning requirements, give the experienced and professional team at iNX a call today.