Lobby Driving Away Guests?

Is Your Dirty Lobby Turning Away Customers?

Janitorial Cleaning Services Can Save Face with New & Potential Customers!

A customer’s first impression of your business is how you maintain and keep your lobby. And, without exceptional janitorial cleaning services, it could leave him or her with an unwelcoming feeling. No one wants to sit in a dirty and dingy office lobby and he or she recognizes it as a trait of an uncaring business. If you don’t care about your business, how can customers be sure you will adequately take care of them? We can sometimes become accustomed to our own mess or clutter. That is why it’s so important to hire a company that has a fresh pair of eyes to make your lobby perfect.

First impressions are gathered within the first seven seconds of going to a place or meeting someone. Your company won’t have enough time to show how caring and efficient you are before those seven seconds are up. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a clean and orderly lobby with janitorial cleaning services. With just seven seconds, your potential customers will spread the word that your business is dirty and that their friends should take their business elsewhere. Regardless of whether your company has astounding service and happy customers, their judgment will first come from your lobby.

Big windows along the front of your business are highly sought after when searching for a dream office space, but they do take some upkeep. Glass windows and doors collect dust, fingerprints, foot scuffs more easily than other media. And, because they are clear, those smudges and marks stick out noticeably. Making sure those huge and beautiful windows and doors are clear of marks is one of the jobs of a janitorial cleaning service, but sometimes they lack when cleaning them. Many janitorial cleaning services would rather rush the vacuuming and wipe counters and don’t even realize how dingy the windows and doors are. So, they leave them for the next day. Dirty windows can cast a dingy and dirty feel over your whole office because it interferes with the light coming in. Plus, they can be seen from either side of the window, so customers might move on even before they enter your building.

Expect Excellence with iNX

We at iNX Building Maintenance Solutions understand that the lobby is your first impression for your entire business. It’s the place where customers, guests, and employees frequent the most, so it needs to have a little extra care when cleaning it. While other parts of your business behind the front desk serve more functional reasons, your front lobby is supposed to be bright, welcoming, and clean so customers are OK with waiting if they must and aren’t eyeing the dust-covered vent or smudges on the tables.

Our janitorial cleaning service staff is specially trained to pay high attention to detail and not overlook something that needs immediate attention. Knowing where to look and how to clean various places is important. That’s why we make sure your vents are clean and clear of debris or blockages because a poorly maintained ventilation system is normally the reason for a mysterious and unpleasant odor in the office. We make sure high-traffic areas, such as hallways and entrances, are clean and stain-free, and we know that welcome mats are more than just for looks. Best of all, our janitorial cleaning service staff is trained to give you streak-free, smudge-free windows and doors every time you come into your office. Without fingerprints, smudges, and marks on your windows casting a dingy light over everything, your office will feel brighter and more welcoming to everyone who comes through.

Our methods are more effective than other janitorial cleaning services because we use a proven method that is taught to each of our employees instead of just hiring people to clean the way they want to. We clean and dust top to bottom because dust falls as it’s being cleaned and we use damp dusting, microfiber cleaning cloths, and dry dusting chemicals and repellants. Instead of cleaning floors “as needed,” we schedule routine maintenance on all floor surfaces so there is no mistake or slow accumulation that only customers might notice. And, we clean on a contracted daily, weekly, monthly, or semi-annually basis to ensure top-quality year-round care. We custom fit to your needs so you aren’t left trying to schedule something on time better spent on your business.

Closing Thoughts

With iNX, a fresh pair of eyes will constantly maintain your lobby so it’s ready for customers at any time. Notes will be taken of any broken lobby toys or magazines or books that are falling apart so your customers always have safe and clean items to occupy their time with while waiting. Our professional janitorial cleaning services will make sure your furniture, floors, walls, and windows are ready to be inspected by even the most attentive customers.

Customers will happily wait in your business lobby and won’t be afraid to set their bag down because of dirty carpets or tables. They will comment on the cleanliness of your lobby to friends and family, talking about how bright and welcoming the lobby was. Their first impression will be one of a bright and welcoming atmosphere with clean carpets, spotless tables, and smudge-free windows and doors. They will know you take meticulous care of your business and will also take care of their needs in the same way.

Those large windows will be pouring light into your office and the dinginess caused by stray fingerprints, smudges, and marks will be gone. Potential customers will also be able to see into your business perfectly and see nothing but a well-maintained and welcoming lobby. Because you hired a professional janitorial cleaning service, your lobby will have clear, bright light and give off a professional, appealing, and delightful aesthetic.

PS: Making sure your lobby is properly cleaned and in tip-top shape is key to making a good first impression on your customers that will last. Don’t let your business suffer, call iNX today!