Tired of Your Dirty Building?

Are You Disgusted with the Filthiness of Your Building’s Exterior & Surrounding Areas?

iNX Building Maintenance can take care of the dirt & grime that sticks to your building.

Your business buildings are important to your business. The exterior of your building can send a message to customers and potential customers alike. Biological growth, such as mold, moss, and mildew, can cause bigger problems down the road if their growth is left unchecked. These issues can end up costing you much more money in the long run. Maintaining clean gutters, sewer drains, drain pans, and noticing foundational issues are paramount in maintaining your business location.

iNX, a professional cleaning company that also specializes in exterior care, can help relieve some stress factors, such as the following:

1. Your walls and sidewalk can develop cracks from overgrown mold. The mold will actually grow and that means finding a home in a small crack and pushing it open with its roots. Some types of mold can penetrate concrete if left unattended long enough.

2. Clogged gutters cause issues with the foundation and even crack under pressure. Gutters that become clogged can cause rainwater to drip either directly onto your building, causing rot, water stains, and roof leaks, or it can overfill and drop directly down on the ground right outside your foundation, which can cause it to shift and crack.

3. People will file for lawsuits because they have slipped on mildew buildup on the floor, wet leaves matting your parking lot, or overly slippery walkways because of clogged drainage areas. Injuries happen on business grounds all the time. So, don’t you want to make sure that you have all your bases covered in case one actually happens to you?

A dirty and unkempt building gives a bad first impression and potential customers may doubt that you can handle their business if you cannot manage the very grounds you operate on. Moldy siding and clogged gutters just say negligence and ignorance because not only is your business unattractive, it also negatively affects your building by needing more repairs in the long run. Using a professional cleaning company makes your company look like it’s on top of its priorities.

Most professional cleaning companies don’t offer or schedule routine maintenance on the exterior of your building, which makes finding a second vendor that specializes in that more daunting, annoying, and expensive. Power washing mildew, mold, and algae off your building is an important part of cleaning and maintaining your building and should not be looked over.

Our Process, Your Solution

We at iNX are a professional cleaning company that understands the needs of each customer vary and that they need specific attention. Our process includes extensive vetting of each company we service and, more importantly, we travel to each facility location, so we can be sure to account for the needs of the customer, as well as assess and account for what the environment has placed upon your business. We ask extensively about your business, the number of employees, shift schedules, and all needs, both interior and exterior, that your company is in need of.

At iNX, we know from the get-go that some buildings are going to need more exterior care than others. Needs change as the weather changes, the seasons pass, and the age of the building increases. You can rest easy with the knowledge that a professional cleaning company has your back no matter the exterior issues you face. Exterior care is just as important as interior care, and we at iNX make sure to offer you all the services needed to make sure your exterior is as inviting as your interior lobby.

Here is a list of different exterior options we can offer your building other than excellent parking lot sweeping:

Pressure Washing Options:

    • • Walkways/Driveways/Sidewalks Concrete


    • • Parking Spaces/Lots


    • • Brick/Block/Stone Walls/Storefronts


    • • Warehouse & Garage Floors


    • • Loading Docks


    • • Dumpster Areas


    • Playground Areas

Window Care Options:

    • • Scheduled Window Cleaning Maintenance


    • • Post-Construction Window Cleaning


    • • Hard Water Stain Removal


    • Glass Scratch Removal


Walking up to your building will feel like a breath of fresh air instead of a mental checklist of everything you need to schedule. Maintenance on your building will be handled by a multifaceted professional cleaning company that has your best interests at heart and works hard to make sure you don’t have to spend your time and energy on things that should already be taken care of.

You save money by avoiding huge structural issues that could have led to the shutting down of your building! Mold will not threaten you, your employees, or your customers, and the huge cracks in the wall or foundation won’t even happen because your building is being taken care of by a professional cleaning company that scheduled your routine exterior maintenance on gutters, parking lot sweeping, pressure washing. We also make sure your windows are in perfect condition, both inside and out. You’ll also avoid costly lawsuits because of the negligence of your grounds because you’ve already hired a professional cleaning company to take care of your trafficked grounds. And, the best part is that customers will be looking at your business and feel assured that you can handle them. Potential customers will see you as a good company, not an eyesore of the lot.

You will save time by not having to call around to find the best price for pressure washing, or window treatments, or parking lot sweeping. You’ve already hired a professional cleaning company to take care of all those issues for you. No keeping track of multiple vendors or numbers to various companies because all your building cleaning and maintenance will be taken care of by iNX Building Maintenance Solutions.

P.S: Your customers want to see that you care about your business, add power washing into your janitorial plan with Team iNX. Call us today!