10 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Techniques for a Greener Office

Does your business want to implement more environmentally-friendly practices, but you aren’t sure where to start? Small changes in eco-friendly cleaning methods and sustainable office cleaning practices can have big environmental benefits. Tweaking how your office gets cleaned saves energy, conserves water, cuts pollution and reduces waste. It’s one of the easiest ways to establish earth-friendly operations.

And companies that showcase a commitment to sustainability through green cleaning techniques appeal strongly to conscious consumers. Adopting some straightforward sustainable office cleaning strategies attracts clients who believe in green brands and actively support them––meaning you do good by the planet while growing your business.

Here are 10 simple yet impactful steps any enterprise can take to add more green to their janitorial program. These eco-friendly office cleaning adjustments don’t require starting over from scratch – just thoughtful modifications with sustainability in mind. Read on for inspiration and practical ideas to freshen your cleaning routines.


1. Opt for Third-Party Certified Cleaning Products

Start sustainable office cleaning with eco-friendly products. Look for the Green Seal logo when buying all-purpose cleaners, bathroom disinfectants, glass cleaner and other supplies. This independent certification shows products meet strict criteria concerning biodegradability, toxicity, and conservation.

To earn Green Seal approval, cleaners cleaning technicians must use plant-based ingredients safe for humans and the environment. They cannot contain compounds linked to cancer, reproductive issues or smog. And they must break down quickly after use rather than persisting in water supplies. This keeps toxic chemicals out of ecosystems while ensuring healthy indoor air.

Scanning for the Green Seal guides consumers towards supplies with legitimate sustainability claims, not vague “all-natural” greenwashing. It also indicates manufacturers adhere to ethical corporate practices across their entire supply chain. So checking this eco-label takes the guesswork out of going green.


2. Use Microfiber Cleaning Cloths and Mop Heads

Microfiber cloths and mops should be standard for any earth-conscious cleaning routine. These ultra-fine materials use static electricity to lift particles from surfaces. Each tiny hook grabs dust, dirt and debris much more effectively than traditional strings, cloths or paper towels.

This high cleaning power means less need for hot water, pressure washing, harsh scrubbing, or chemical cleaners. Microfiber simply wipes away what other fabrics leave behind using just water.

And since they pick up microscopic particles so well, microfiber mops and towels retain their cleaning capability wash after wash. The static charge reactivates in the laundry, so with proper care they can be reused hundreds of times. Choosing microfiber products over disposables significantly reduces waste while saving money long-term.


3. Choose Reusable Cleaning Tools

Paper towels and cleaning wipes seem convenient but have big hidden costs. These single-use disposables waste tons of trees, generate pollution when manufactured, and quickly overflow landfills. Plus buying endless replacements pads budgets over time.

For true sustainability, offices should equip staff with reusable microfiber cloths, sponges, and scrub brushes instead. These clean just as effectively with a fraction of the waste. And they save money in the long run by using them again and again after laundering.

Sustainable offices choose washable products over throwaways whenever possible. Going reusable shrinks the giant footprint left by single-use paper and plastic. Help the environment while keeping supplies budgets in check. It’s a win-win for your bottom line and the planet.


4. Conserve Water in Cleaning Processes

Green cleaning conserves water in subtle ways. Simply pre-sweeping floors before mopping keeps wash water cleaner. Utilizing auto-scrubbers equipped to capture and recycle cleaning solution substantially cuts down on volume and contamination too.

Installing low-flow faucet aerators also reduces water wastage when filling buckets, while still meeting pressure and volume needs for effective cleaning tasks. And ensuring faucets are always completely turned off when not actively in-use continues cutting unnecessary water usage. 

Taken together, small adjustments at each sink and mop station quickly add up to thousands of gallons saved. 


5. Utilize Energy-Efficient Equipment

Seeking out ENERGY STAR certified equipment brings energy efficiency into the sustainable office cleaning routine. These vacuums, floor scrubbers, and other motorized tools meet strict electricity standards set by the EPA. That means more cleaning muscle for less energy wasted.

Many cities even offer rebates on ENERGY STAR cleaning machines––and the long-term savings on utility bills often outweigh any higher upfront costs. Upgrading tools is a clear win-win for your budget and the environment.


6. Schedule Recurring Maintenance Cleaning

Don’t wait for grime to build up before taking action. Consistent, eco-friendly cleaning prevents problems before they start. Wiping surfaces, vacuuming, and emptying trash bins more often keeps indoor air fresh. It also avoids stubborn stains that require harsh chemicals down the road.

Staying ahead of dirt translates to using fewer resources overall. Things should never get bad enough to justify breaking out hot water pressure washers or intensive scrubbing. Maintaining cleaner spaces consistently with green cleaning methods lets your office operate sustainably every day.


7. Strategize Cleaning at Low Occupancy Times

Strategizing janitorial duties around employee off-hours and shutdown periods also pays sustainability dividends. Instead of working around people to vacuum, empty trash and sanitize surfaces—rescheduling such tasks for evenings, closed days and weekends cuts energy expenditures substantially. Minimizing lighting usage has monetary value itself. Yet the money saved not powering HVAC systems with nobody in the building offers even greater incentive for directing cleaning schedules around the lowest occupancy times possible.


8. Choose Green Carpet Cleaning Options

When it comes time to polish wall-to-wall carpet throughout offices or common areas, consider utilizing low-moisture encapsulation methods as a highly eco-friendly alternative compared to traditional steam cleaners flooding the floor with hot detergent solution under high pressure. Dry compound cleaning with plant-based materials still lifts dirt from woven fibers successfully. The vastly lowered water volumes, plus faster drying equates to far less chance for growing unhealthy molds or microbes.

Look closely that all carpet care solutions boast sustainable ingredients as well. But the most significant green improvements come from processes avoiding excessive moisture saturation or rapid re-soiling before carpets fully dry.


9. Harness Natural Light to Conserve Energy

Daylight should be every eco-friendly cleaner’s ally. Don’t underestimate the power of natural light when it comes to cleaning office spaces. Not only does it provide a more pleasant working environment, but it also reduces the need for indoor lighting and can help save on electricity costs. Just remember to be mindful of any damage that sunlight can cause to vulnerable areas such as hardwood floors or upholstery.

So go ahead, open up those window coverings and let the sunshine in for a healthier and more sustainable cleaning approach. By utilizing the natural light available, you can create a brighter and more inviting space while also reducing your ecological footprint.


10. Clear Indoor Air of Cleaning Solution Fumes

When cleaning your home or office, it’s important to not only use environmentally friendly cleaners, but also properly ventilate the space after applying any cleaning agents. While green certified cleaners release far less noxious fumes into breathable air compared with traditional caustic chemicals, it’s still necessary to take precautions.

One simple way to ensure proper ventilation is by opening windows whenever outdoor conditions allow. This allows fresh air to circulate and helps dissipate any lingering fumes. If it’s not possible to open windows, consider running HVAC systems temporarily to provide active ventilation.

Another option is to switch on exhaust fans in the area where cleaning agents were used. This will actively purge remnants from interior air environments and help improve air quality.

Once you’ve allowed for sufficient air exchange and have banished any bothersome odors or chemical concentrations, don’t forget to reset your systems back to their normal energy-saving temperatures. This is especially important if you had to manipulate climate controls while cleaning.


Going green with office cleaning benefits your business, employees, community and the planet. Even small changes to implement more sustainable cleaning practices make a measurable impact over time.

Using third-party certified products, microfiber technology, and ENERGY STAR rated equipment cuts down on energy, water and excess waste. This saves natural resources while reducing utility bills. Workers and visitors alike appreciate the continual freshness from consistent eco-friendly methods too.

Beyond cost savings, a public commitment to sustainable operations meets demand from today’s purpose-driven consumers. Companies perceived as caring about communities and the environment earn trust and customer loyalty.

While each eco-swap may seem trivial alone, together they compound exponentially to shrink footprints each year. So continually seek out creative ways to further green office principles. Have staff flip off unused lights; buy reusable tools; upgrade to efficient vacuums.

Prioritizing sustainability fosters innovation and cements an enterprise’s values-first foundation. The future favors businesses recognizing environmental stewardship works hand in hand with success. Lead by example through even small acts adding up to make the world cleaner, greener and brighter.

At INX, we’re committed to helping businesses adopt eco-friendly cleaning practices that benefit the environment and their bottom line. Our team keeps up-to-date on green trends and technologies, ensuring franchisees have the resources needed for sustainable solutions in client offices. Ready to take the first step towards a greener workplace? Contact us today for more information on how our eco-friendly services can help reduce your environmental impact and attract environmentally conscious customers.