Avoid Post-Purchase Regret

Are you feeling regretful after choosing the cheapest cleaning service?

Janitorial services should leave you feeling relaxed, not anxious.

You have spent a good deal of time trying to find the perfect janitorial service. You finally get an offer from a company that you not only can afford but that undercuts all its competitors. It saves you money, but you wonder if it’s too good to be true. Running a business can be an expensive adventure. So, if you can get quality cleaning for a fraction of the price, how can you not take that chance?

As soon as your services begin, you realize your discounted cleaning fee results in inconsistent janitorial services. Sometimes, the company doesn’t do anything. Other times, the company completely forgets parts of its contract. And, sometimes, you want to check the cameras to see if the cleaners even came by. You start to receive complaints from employees, clients, and even upper management. You were the one responsible for choosing the company that is letting your business down. Instead of saving money, you end up with a huge drain on your budget. The work is substandard and that upsets the upper management. Not only do you have to start the search over, but you’ve already wasted a chunk of the year’s budget.

Typical janitorial service companies don’t give you transparent pricing, which makes knowing what you paid for fuzzy at best. Those companies that send itemized invoices for a “cleaned building” are intentionally not listing what they are doing for you. The cheap price makes work inconsistent, there is high employee turnover, and the communication is irregular. If the company was explicit in what you were to expect, it would be even more inconsistent. This is because the cheap price equals an underpaid janitorial staff. Then, there are some companies that have fluid pricing. That means your bill is a little different every month and there is no real explanation as to why. This makes budgeting and forecasting the funds needed for the rest of your facility even more puzzling.

Our Solution

We at iNX will not underbid your facility just to win your business. We supply accurate and upfront pricing based on the needs of you and your individual facility. There are no hidden fees and no surprise charges. We understand each facility is different. And, each has a unique set of needs depending on the number of workers, foot traffic, and location.

Janitorial companies that don’t have transparent pricing or that have a “pricing sheet” are looking for a quick check. They have no interest in building a reliable relationship with their clients. We come to your facility and walk through it with you. We discuss your needs based on your input and the location. We even bring up things some company owners tend to overlook, such as gutter cleaning and other building maintenance. We understand the exact same cleaning and janitorial services aren’t needed every night. Therefore, we discuss with you our monthly or annual services, such as floor waxing, power washing, or carpet cleaning. The contract you sign has what services to expect during every cleaning and service call.

In the event there are any issues about our janitorial services, we have our 10-step complaint process. We guarantee we resolve the issue by closing the loop before it makes its way back around. The issue could be as simple as a miscommunication over janitorial services or a lack of attention to detail. However, our Quality Assurance process and dedicated customer hub ensure top-notch quality and consistency in all the services we provide. We always call back because we truly care about our customers and offer a great deal more than empty promises.

Once you start working with iNX, your janitorial services will be consistent, and you will see high-quality results. Your customers, employees, and upper management will no longer complain about your choices or lack of decision-making skills. The complaints about dusty desks, sticky countertops, and filthy restrooms will cease. This will give you more time to focus on your job, your office, and your customers. You’ll be able to devote your time exactly where it needs to be.

With our upfront proposals for our janitorial services, you will no longer have to call about random charges or added fees. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. You will rest assured that we have scheduled occasional services, such as pressure washing and gutter cleaning, in advance. And, most importantly, you won’t have to play the call around game. Having your janitorial services and building maintenance handled by the same company take a load off you as well. With solid and foreseeable pricing, you can better budget and forecast where your company’s funds need to be.

Janitorial services will no longer be on the list of things you need to micromanage because of inconsistency and sloppiness. You can worry about everything else you have to do because you won’t have to babysit your cleaning crew. And, with our consistent high-quality services, you’ll stop getting hassled by upper management for wasting the budget. Our services are top-notch. And, if for any reason they aren’t up to par, we are responsive and immediate in resolving your issue. Ultimately, you and iNX are on the same page regarding what the success of our partnership means.

P.S.: When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. If you’re tired of the constant search for janitorial services, call the industry experts at 1 (888) TEAM-INX.