Beat the Challenges of Campus Cleaning

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The focus on campus is to teach and learn. Clean, healthy, and sanitary conditions are vital for the students’ well-being, especially in the learning environment, so that makes one of the most important aspects of running any educational facility.

Campus buildings are subject to constant wear and tear. As the campus facilities manager, you need to make sure these areas are always clean, so students have a safe, clean and hygienic learning environment. Restrooms, cafeterias, classrooms, and administrative buildings are all on a long list of areas that need constant attention. Quite a challenge when you consider the other critical aspects of running a successful campus. Hiring an established janitorial company can help you overcome the many cleaning challenges that may arise.

How To Beat Cleaning Challenges with a Professional Cleaning Company

Certified Cleaning Staff
Not all campus budgets cover the training of in-house staff on the complexities and cleaning procedures required. Hiring a janitorial company means you can rely on industry-certified cleaning staff who are highly trained in all cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting techniques and procedures.

All Cleaning Needs are Covered
Working in conjunction with a janitorial company allows you to design a schedule and cleaning checklist for your campus. You will have peace of mind knowing all the necessary cleaning duties are being done regularly and routinely.

Tackle Big Jobs
There are going to be times when there are big jobs that will require some heavy-duty cleaning equipment. These could include steam cleaning and stain removal because of spillage on upholstery and carpeting in the buildings, such as the kitchens, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and/or auditoriums.

Cleaning and Maintaining All Areas
The janitorial company will focus all its attention on these tasks, leaving you worry-free about any areas of the campus being forgotten or ignored during the day-to-day cleaning schedule. You can rest assured that the students are in a clean and healthy environment that encourages a positive learning experience.

Cleaner Indoor Air Quality
The quality of indoor air is highly important. Keeping the indoor air as fresh and clean as possible will mean the regular maintenance and servicing of the air ducts. Your janitorial company will include this in its cleaning schedule.

Reduction in Mold Buildup
One of the main concerns on campus is the link between exposure to mold and the health problems that can arise. The janitorial company staff knows what to look for and how to quickly remove the mold growth before it can spread to different areas of the campus.

There are many ways the janitorial company can address any concerns about eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The benefits of the green option are an increase in indoor air quality. Reduction of chemical cleaning agents provide a safer environment for students and staff and minimize their impact on the planet.

A Healthier Environment
Because the janitorial services company will be handling all the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of all facilities, it will keep the campus healthy year-round. This will have a positive impact on staff and student absenteeism. Less sick days leave more time for teaching and studying.

Helps the Budget
Professionally cleaned facilities and buildings reduce teacher absenteeism rates and ease the financial burden on those particularly tight budgets because of the need to bring in substitute teachers.

Quick Response
By using a professional cleaning company, you know any cleaning emergency will be attended in a timely fashion on a 24/7 basis.

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Benefits of a Clean Campus

  • A healthier learning environment
    The main advantage of a clean and healthy campus is it encourages a positive outlook for students to study and learn.


  • Parental involvement
    A clean and healthy campus assures parents their children are being educated in a clean, safe, and hygienic atmosphere. Parents shouldn’t have to raise issues over cluttered and dirty classrooms and restroom facilities.


  • Productivity
    The campus is the teacher’s place of work, and they will perform their teaching duties far better if they aren’t distracted by an unclean environment. Teachers also deserve to look forward to each day knowing they can interact in clean and healthy classrooms.


  • Reduced sick days
    As mentioned above, keeping the campus clean always reduces teacher and student absenteeism. The janitorial company ensures all buildings and facilities are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected year-round. This will protect everyone’s health through the seasons


  • Equipment durability
    The janitorial company offers cleaning services, including air ducts, kitchen equipment, and floor drains. Regular maintenance and cleaning improve the overall durability and performance of the equipment and saves you money over time.


  • Cost-saving cleaning
    Using a professional cleaning company means the administration doesn’t need to invest in expensive high-maintenance equipment, such as steam cleaners, power washers, and floor buffers. It also reduces the need to purchase cleaning products and chemicals, which will have a positive impact on the budget.


  • A healthier campus
    Winter, spring, and summer breaks are ideal conditions for deep cleaning on campus. By steam cleaning carpets, cleaning out air ducts, etc., at this time, the campus will benefit from a healthier environment that remains safe, clean, and hygienic and be ready to welcome back staff and students.


  • Shows the administration cares
    It shows students, teachers, and staff the administration cares about their safety, health, and well-being. A clean campus projects a message that is appreciated by all who enter the premises.


  • A sense of pride
    A clean and healthy campus maintained by the janitorial company makes a huge difference in how the students feel about their campus. Clean and healthy classrooms, cafeterias, and hallways encourage students to do their bit in maintaining a high level of personal cleanliness, as well as have a shared sense of pride that reflects the positive values you strive to achieve for a successful learning experience.


With the help of a professional cleaning company, you can overcome the many challenges in keeping your campus a clean, healthy, and, above, enjoyable environment in which to learn. If you feel your current cleaning routine is not up to the challenge, do not hesitate to call iNX. Our friendly and qualified team is on hand to set up a meeting to discuss your ever-changing cleaning needs.