Clean Banks Beat the Competition

The banking sector is extremely competitive, and banks need to make a massive effort to remain competitive. There are many important factors to consider. One basic and essential element required is a clean and healthy environment. A good commercial cleaning company will help you to achieve this.

This might sound simple when there are other things more important to worry about. But, with the number of options available, coming into a bank is becoming less popular. People have choices and alternatives, and an untidy bank will instantly put them off and cause them to bank elsewhere. You have to make sure your janitorial services are up to scratch.

Going to a bank is a grudge experience for most people and they will look for reasons to complain. Dirty floors, an untidy reception area or grimy countertops will just reinforce their negativity and create a bad experience. Building managers need to do everything in their power to attract customers to the bank and make the experience pleasant. This will include great service and short waiting periods, but, most importantly, a clean and safe environment.

With so many alternatives from online banking to other banking institutions, people have become more selective about where they choose to bank. If there are aspects that make the experience unpleasant, they will simply move to one of the options. Having a professional cleaning company ensuring the banking hall is spotless will go a long way to making the customer comfortable and relaxed.

The other reason quality cleaning and janitorial services are important is the trust and reputation of your bank. How can the bank be trusted to look after your hard-earned money if it cannot be adequately cleaned?

When banks try to attract new customers, something that is essential to their growth and survival, a good first impression is everything. If a potential client walks into a warm and friendly bank that is clean and attractive, he or she will immediately form a good first impression. This will make him or her much more likely to become a customer. The janitorial services company plays an important role in creating this first impression.

Keeping the Customer Area Clean and Tidy

To make the bank clean and attractive, there are several areas a professional cleaning company needs to pay attention to.

The Windows

The windows are often the first things people will see as they approach the bank. Windows can accumulate dust, fingerprints, and other dirt very quickly, so it is vital they are cleaned regularly. They need to be sparkling and streak-free.

The Floor

Most banks are carpeted. This gives a warm and comfortable feeling. But, they are also dirt magnets. Regular cleaning and vacuuming are important, as well as periodic deep cleaning.

The frequency of both will depend on the traffic in the bank. A busy bank might need to be vacuumed more than once a day. This will need to be done with quiet machines that do not disturb customers. Professional cleaning companies have the equipment and experience to do this.

Not only will cleaning the carpets on a regular basis keep the bank looking good, but will also keep them smelling fresh and extend their lifespans.

Teller Counters

A lot of traffic passes by each window or teller counter and these areas need regular cleaning, as well as disinfecting. Grubby fingerprints or any other dirt will put many customers off and create a bad impression.

Teller Equipment

All equipment at the teller counter needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Money often contains germs and failure to clean and sanitize the equipment in this area could lead to the spread of pathogens and result in illness in staff, as well as customers.

The things the janitorial cleaning services need to clean and disinfect include keyboards, money counters, telephones, keypads, and any other high-touch items at the counter.


ATMs are another ideal breeding ground for germs and need to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.


Bank customers do not use the restrooms all that often. But, if they do, you need to ensure your professional cleaning company has done a good job of keeping them clean and hygienic. They must also smell pleasant and be fully stocked with soap, paper towels, and toilet paper.

Waiting Area and Reception

Bank customers waiting for service are generally quite irritable and even the smallest amount of dirt will stand out and make their experience unpleasant. Make sure there is no dirt or mess in these areas.

Garbage Cans

There should be sufficient garbage cans available for used paperwork, deposit slips, and statements that people wish to discard. This will prevent them from leaving them lying on countertops or elsewhere. garbage cans must be emptied as often as is necessary throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Cleanliness alone will not make your bank more competitive. But, it is a very crucial part of the overall customer experience. A positive customer experience will relate to higher levels of customer loyalty and improved new customer acquisition. Do not underestimate the importance of having a clean bank.

The impression and reputation of your bank are extremely important in this highly competitive environment. A trusted and experienced professional cleaning company is needed to always keep the bank clean, attractive, and healthy. Regular inspection should be done to ensure the company is maintaining the correct standards.

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