Clean Dealership Expectations

Does your dealership know what to expect from a commercial cleaning company?

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First impressions are important and a spotless workplace is essential. This is true in any work environment. Nowhere is it as important as in an auto dealership. Buying a car is an emotional experience and even the most analytical buyer needs to be won over by enthusiasm and excitement. He or she is buying an adventure, an experience, a dream. This all starts the moment he or she enters the dealership. His or her dream does not include grimy windows and a greasy floor. An auto dealership needs the services of a professional cleaning company, one it can trust and rely on.

If you are trying to sell the dream of someone sitting behind the wheel of a new car, the entire experience must be flawless. You want the customer to visualize himself or herself as the proud owner of a smart new car. It is not going to help if the surroundings are untidy and dirty. Sure, the cars must be good and the salesperson outstanding, but it all begins with the showroom’s appearance.

The customer, or potential customer, will have formed an opinion of the dealership before he or she meets the salesperson or even sees the first car. You better hope his or her impression is a good one, otherwise, it will be a challenge to sell the dream. Having top quality janitorial cleaning services is a good start.

It’s all very well to have this idea of a spotless showroom. You must be perfectly clear about your expectations, however, so you get the cleaning and janitorial services you expect. A good professional cleaning company will not ask you for the size of your showroom, reception, and offices, and then give you a quote. The company will come and meet with you, walk through the entire facility, and get to understand your environment and needs before presenting a quote. That way, you know you’re dealing with a company that cares about the service it provides.

The first step is to establish exactly what needs to be cleaned, how it should be cleaned and how often. Try and look at your showroom from a customer’s perspective. The professional cleaning company should guide you and assist you, but you should have your own ideas as well.

Areas to Focus On:

Parking Lot or Exterior

This will be the first thing the customer sees and the impression and emotion begin here. You want to guarantee the area is clean, free of trash, and appealing. The entire approach to the dealership needs to be clean and attractive.

Depending on the surface, the traffic, and the surrounding area, it might just need a daily sweep and tidying up. Busier areas might require more specialized cleaning, such as high-pressure cleaning. Ensure the cleaning and janitorial services company you are considering is able to do this.


Nothing can cause a poor first impression like dirty windows. Walking past them every day, you and your staff might not notice the gradual buildup of dirt and grime, but the customer will.

Regular cleaning is necessary to ensure the windows are clean and streak-free to create a good welcome for people entering the dealership.


This is normally quite a busy area and always needs to be spotless. The floors and counters need to be clean and it should smell fresh and inviting.


Any chairs, couches, and other furniture needs to be cleaned regularly.

Showroom Floor

This is a large area that can become dirty quickly. As people walk in from outside or from the service department, dirt and grease can be tracked into the showroom. Auto dealerships have the added challenge of cars driving in and out.

The cleaning and janitorial services staff needs to have a regular plan to ensure the floor remains clean. A full clean before or after work and a tidying up during the day is normally necessary.

The janitorial company cannot be everywhere all the time. Encourage staff to keep the floor clean and tidy by picking up anything that drops on the floor or wiping up a spill.

If you have got the client as far as the offices, chances are the sale is nearly complete. Congratulations. Do not give him or her any last-minute doubt by having dirty or untidy offices. A small thing could suddenly put change the customer’s mind.


Restrooms can easily become messy, and no one likes untidy restrooms. Make sure they’re correctly cleaned and disinfected regularly and have someone keep an eye on them throughout the day.

Service Bays

As much as mechanics are working with oil and grease, the service area still has to be kept clean. Nothing impresses customers more than an immaculate service area and it will give them confidence that you take great pride in the work.

With the help of a good professional cleaning company and a bit of effort from the staff, it is possible to keep the service area clean.

Staff Areas

As much as you need to keep the auto dealership clean to impress the customers, you have to look after your staff as well. A happy staff sells more cars. Studies have proved staff members are more motivated and productive in a clean environment. They will take more pride in the company and, therefore, more pride in their work.

Ensure all staff areas are always clean. This includes break areas, kitchens, offices, and staff restrooms.

Getting it Right

The best way to guarantee you have covered everything is to start from the outside and walk your way through the dealership. Take notes and make a list. Spend a few days observing the traffic patterns of customers and staff to see if any areas need special attention.

Final Thoughts

Do not underestimate the value of cleaning and janitorial services for your auto dealership. Just as you would not try and sell a car that was dirty, you cannot expect to sell many cars in a dealership that is not sparkling.

Help the customer buy into his or her dream by providing an immaculate environment. It will certainly boost your car sales.

If you want your auto dealership to create a great first impression every time, give the folks at iNX a call. One of their specialties is auto dealerships, and they have the skills and experience to give your business a competitive edge.