Cleanliness in Government Buildings

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Government employees, whether they are volunteers or paid, are there to serve the public and the community. Government workers sometimes get a bad reputation. They are human and have the same needs and wants as people working in the private sector. But, motivating staff in the public sector is a little different. One thing both have in common, however, is a clean work environment to perform at their peak. For this, you need a good cleaning and janitorial services company.

Challenges in Motivating Government Staff

There are certain challenges that are unique to government employees and it is important to be aware of these. The first challenge is the widely held belief that their jobs are easy and that they are overpaid. While most of them enjoy more job security than many other forms of employment, most government jobs are not that easy.

They are open to public scrutiny. In the private sector, you are answerable to your boss and, to an extent, your customers. When you work for the government, the whole community is watching you. Make a mistake or do something that is not popular, and the constituents will make a noise about it.

Some citizens are extremely critical of certain government departments and will go out of their way to find fault with any aspect of the administration. They are just impossible to please and always looking for problems. This is very unpleasant to deal with.

Working under close public scrutiny is stressful and makes the job more difficult. Social media has made this problem worse, as Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms have made complaining about government service that much easier.

Many government jobs are administrative and can be highly repetitive. Many government departments are also extremely bureaucratic, which also adds to the challenges.

Another challenge facing many government departments is major budget cuts. They are required to do more with less. The budget cuts apply to their internal office management, as well as the community service needs they must fulfill. This is an added pressure of the job.

Why Cleanliness is Important

With the challenges mentioned above, which are just some of the many faced by government employees, what difference will cleaning and janitorial services make?

There is a direct link between staff motivation and a clean office environment. With all the challenges government staff have to deal with, a professional cleaning company should be used to ensure a healthy and inviting workspace.

A tidy and clutter-free office environment will mean that everything is better organized and allow staff to focus better on the task at hand.

A clean and attractive office will give workers a sense of pride. This pride will have a positive effect on the staff members and cause them to take more pride in their work.

This will result in increased productivity, greater staff morale, fewer sick days, and less conflict in the workplace.

Another important consequence of correct and regular cleaning by janitorial services is that it will extend the life of the carpets, flooring, and furniture, as well as the equipment, in the office. As a government department, it is important that employees not waste taxpayers’ money on such assets that have to be replaced because of poor maintenance or neglect.

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The building itself can also suffer if cleaning and janitorial services are not doing a good job. Minor problems, such as a broken fitting, leak or crack, could easily go unnoticed in a messy and dirty environment.

If the building is clean, these issues will be identified early. This means that maintenance can attend to them before they become major problems and cause extensive and costly damage.

The physical health of government staff members can also be negatively affected by an unclean and unhygienic office. If cleaning and janitorial services staff members are not doing a good job of cleaning and sanitizing, germs could multiply and spread from one person to another.

Poor health will lower productivity, lead to more sick days, and lower the morale of the workers. It is important to have happy and healthy staff members so your work environment is productive. Janitorial services need to ensure the building is not only clean but free of all germs.

Also important is the impression the public gets if a person visits a government office. A poorly cleaned office will immediately give a bad impression that can have serious implications. The perception will be that the staff members do not take any pride in their own offices and, therefore, will not take pride in the work they do for the community.

Public perception is extremely important in government departments and it is important that they make a good impression on any visitors. This will instill a sense of confidence and make any interactions between the public and the government employees more productive.

Areas of Importance

The commercial janitorial cleaning company must focus its efforts on the public areas of the office, as well as the staff areas. The entire building is important, but a few areas are especially important.


It is important that the janitorial services keep the reception area clean and appealing. This is often the first place visitors see. A neat and tidy reception area will help create a good first impression, something that is extremely important.

Service Counters

Many government departments have service counters or cubicles. It is essential that the cleaning and janitorial services keep these areas spotless.


Both public and staff toilets should be clean and sanitized regularly. They need to smell fresh and be well-stocked with toilet paper and soap.

Kitchen and Break Areas

It is important that these areas are kept clean and hygienic. This is where staff members go to relax and recharge, so it must be appealing and attractive. Kitchens are also potential breeding grounds for germs, so they need to be sanitized regularly.

Closing Thoughts

To serve the community efficiently, it is essential that you have happy and healthy staff members. A good professional cleaning company will guarantee the workplace is clean and healthy, which helps to keep staff members performing at their peak.

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