Cleanliness = More Shoppers!

As shopping habits change and online shopping becomes more popular, most shopping malls have found themselves under growing pressure. A huge number of large, well-established national retailers have either downsized significantly or closed their doors altogether. Entire malls have shut down in many places. Many have reinvented themselves to survive and tried some radical new techniques to remain popular. One thing the busy malls all have in common is a commitment to a clean and healthy environment. To do this, they use a dedicated professional cleaning company.

It may seem like a trivial survival factor to keep a mall clean. If you think about it, it’s difficult to differentiate a mall and stand out from the competition. No matter what exciting ideas you have, if the mall is dirty, it will be unappealing.

With the competition so fierce and online shopping a safe and convenient alternative, why would anyone choose to shop in a mall that has sticky floors, overflowing garbage cans and dirty food court? Decent or average janitorial services will not save your mall. You must do more. You need a high-quality cleaning provider who knows your space – like iNX.

Creating a Shopping Experience

People can sit comfortably in their own homes and make their purchases with a few mouse clicks, often for a better price than the mall. So, a huge effort is required to attract people to shopping centers. The main thing they must do is create an exciting and appealing experience. This will instantly be ruined if the shopper comes across dirty toilets or sticky floors.

The entire experience must be outstanding, from the moment the customer parks in the parking lot until he or she leaves the mall. One can’t create a magical experience in a dirty environment. It’s vital the mall is always spotless and a top-notch professional cleaning company is needed to make the shopper experience perfect.

Reinventing the Shopping Mall

Despite all the closures and half-empty malls, there are still several thriving. Many have really focused on the entertainment value, especially creating attractions that will encourage and entice families to the mall. A visit to the mall is often more about a fun and exciting experience rather than going shopping in the stores. People are going for the experience and the adventure. If janitorial services are just “okay”, this experience will be ruined.

Young or old and rich or poor, people expect malls to be safe, clean, and hygienic. People no longer just go to the nearest and most convenient shopping mall. They can buy what they need online. If they do go to a shopping center, they expect to have fun and enjoy themselves. They will not be able to do this in a dirty mall, so janitorial services must function perfectly.

Where Janitorial Services are Needed

To enhance a great experience and keep your shopping center popular, professional janitorial services are required in all areas.

Some specific areas that require special attention from cleaning and janitorial services include:

The Mall Exterior and Parking Lot
The excitement and experience begin when the shoppers drive into the mall’s parking lot. First impressions are extremely important and if they are greeted with a dirty and dusty area that has trash blowing around, they will be instantly put off. Some people might simply turn around and leave, thinking the rest of the experience will not be great.

Janitorial services should sweep and tidy the parking lot regularly. High-pressure cleaning might also be necessary from time to time.

Another aspect of the first impression is the shopping center’s windows. The cleaning and janitorial services should make sure they are sparkling and streak-free.

This is the largest area in the shopping center, and, with all the traffic it sees, the first to get messy. It’s also easy for shoppers to spot messes, spills or trash on the floor. It’s imperative janitorial services pay a lot of attention to keeping the floors clean and shiny at all times.

A surefire way to ruin the shopper’s experience is to have dirty restrooms. Not all people treat mall restrooms well, so it’s crucial you have a professional cleaning company to clean and sanitize these areas throughout the day.

Food Court
Dirt and food do not mix. The food court area can quickly become messy and is an area the janitorial services need to focus on. Poor hygiene also poses a health risk to shoppers, so careful attention needs to be paid to sanitizing and disinfecting these areas.

Garbage Cans
It goes without saying that these need to be emptied regularly. It’s surprising how many malls fail to get this right.

Closing Thoughts

Cleanliness alone will not make your shopping center more popular. But, without it, all other efforts to entice customers will be extremely challenging. Make sure your mall uses a reliable professional cleaning company to enhance the shopping experience and keep people wanting to come back.

For great service in shopping center cleaning, speak to the experienced and dedicated team at iNX. We know what is needed to keep a busy mall looking good and can help you enhance the experience for your shoppers.