Is Your Cleaning Company Cutting Corners?

A new broom sweeps clean. We have all heard that one. Often this saying can be taken literally when a professional cleaning company starts off well and then, after some time, its standards drop. Cleanliness is vitally important in your workplace and you are paying for a good service. Any noticeable decline in the service level is unacceptable.

Clean is a very subjective word and what one person sees as clean might appear rather dirty to others. Added to that you have a million other factors to consider and deal with on a daily basis. As much as you realize the importance of this service, where do you find time to measure it? How would you even know if the commercial janitorial cleaning service has started to cut corners?

Why Would a Cleaning and Janitorial Services Company Cut Corners?

There are several reasons this might take place. Complacency is probably the biggest culprit. The company worked hard to get the contract and to reassure you that you made the right decision. The professional cleaning company started off very enthusiastically and the results were outstanding.

After a time, the company and staff realized you were impressed and happy with the work. As time went on, complacency sent in and not everything was done with the same effort and energy as it was in the beginning. This is a sad aspect of human nature and many companies are guilty of this.

It is not an intentional action; it is just a reality among certain individuals. The work standard does not drop overnight, but it is a small oversight here and a job forgotten over there. Eventually, the total of all these small actions results in an untidy workplace.

What can be done to prevent this?

The first step is to notice the decline in service and address it immediately. We will talk more about how to do that later, but the sooner you make the commercial janitorial cleaning company aware of any aspect that you are not happy with, the sooner it can act to address the problem and put systems in place to ensure it does not happen again.

It is always a good idea to have a detailed cleaning plan that documents what should be cleaned and how often it should be done. This means that both parties are clear on the requirements and there are no unrealistic expectations.

Without such a plan, you might be upset over an area that is not clean, yet the plan excludes this area, or it is scheduled to be cleaned once a month. If you see an area of concern, you can refer to the plan for specifics of when it should last have been cleaned.

If you selected your professional cleaning company correctly, the chances of cutting corners are less likely. The better companies have loyal staff members who are well-trained, motivated, and dedicated to their work. To ensure standards are maintained, they are closely supervised and regularly measured.

That said, you cannot take chances with something as important as the cleanliness of your workplace. It is critical to your company’s image and the health and happiness of staff and customers.

You have to monitor the service levels.

We will point out some more formal ways to measure the service levels, but there are a few signs you could look out for that will give you an immediate indication if any corner cutting is taking place.

Telltale Signs of Corner Cutting

Overflowing Trash Cans
This is one of the most basic requirements for a cleaning and janitorial services company, so if the trash cans are not being emptied regularly, it is a surefire sign there is a service problem.

Dust and Dirt Under Furniture
A professional cleaning company should not clean or vacuum around furniture but lift or move it and clean underneath. A quick peek will tell you if this is not being done.

Dirt or Dust on Difficult to Reach Area
That high shelf or railing will be neglected when janitorial services start to become complacent. Light fittings and switches are also areas that can be neglected.

Streaks or Fingerprints on Glass or Metal Surfaces
Although these can happen during the course of the day, a quick inspection will reveal if these marks are new or have built up over time. If this is the case, the professional cleaning company is not sticking to its mandate.

This is one of the most important areas janitorial services need to concentrate on. Foul odors, sticky floors, streaked mirrors, and unclean sinks will immediately indicate that service has declined.

Ceilings and Corners
Another area often neglected by a commercial janitorial cleaning company is the corners of the room and the ceilings. Any dust or cobwebs will indicate that corners are being cut.

A More Formal Approach

The above methods are quick ways to spot complacency and poor service levels from your professional cleaning company. If you want to take a more formal approach, there are several options.

Before you can establish whether a commercial janitorial cleaning company is cutting corners, both parties need to be clear on the requirements and have realistic expectations. The best way to do this is to develop a scope of work that specifically outlines what needs to be cleaned and when.

With that in place, you can develop a checklist. This list will cover all areas that need to be cleaned, and someone can walk through the building once a week or every two weeks to do a quick inspection. Each item on the list can be marked off as clean and this will give you a clear indication of the service being received.

A more accurate measure is to assign specific cleaning key performance indicators (KPIs) to the important areas of the janitorial service. A team consisting of internal staff, as well as members of the professional cleaning company, can evaluate these KPIs monthly.

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