Cleaning without Compromise

It is no secret the retail industry is under pressure. A few malls are doing well, but most are having a difficult time. They are under pressure to not only increase revenue and but reduce costs simultaneously. One of the first places any business will look to cut costs is often commercial janitorial cleaning – a shopping center is no different.

Shifting trends in consumer habits and online shopping are two reasons for the decline in retails sales. Some big names with multiple branches have simply closed down or scaled back dramatically. Malls are simply not as busy as they were a decade ago. This has led to lower margins for the owners and operators of malls and retail space and, apart from trying desperately to attract new tenants and shoppers, they are all trying to lower operating costs.

Is Quality Important?

So, what’s your next move? First and foremost, your retail outlet must always be clean and tidy. It also has to be safe and hygienic. Creating a bad impression on shoppers because of dirty floors or untidy bathrooms will only chase more people away. Although you need to control costs, you cannot compromise on the quality of the janitorial services. Not only will poor cleaning drive shoppers away, but it will immediately turn prospective tenants away. It might even cause existing tenants to notice the drop in standards and get out before it is too late.

The Balancing Act

How then do you balance the requirement for a consistently clean retail space with a shrinking budget? The answer lies in finding a high-quality, professional janitorial company. With so many different cleaning companies to choose from, it’s important to be critical in your search criteria. A company that invests the time to learn about your facility, works with you to meet budget, and has systems and processes in place to keep business moving will always prevail over the companies who promise the lowest price.

Many businesses choose to cut overhead costs by going for a cheaper commercial cleaning vendor. As previously mentioned, the cheapest option is not always the best. In order to win your business in the competitive janitorial market, many companies will rely on an “estimate” of how quickly they can clean your building in order to quote you for the best price. And while there is nothing wrong with cleaning quickly, under-quoting to win business upfront leads to rushed, inconsistent, and incomplete cleaning services.

With that being said, there is a way that commercial cleaning companies can effectively clean without compromising quality- technology.

Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency

Labor is by far the biggest expense for professional janitorial companies and any technology or equipment that reduces this will result not only in lower costs but a higher standard of cleaning. Those companies that fail to invest in modern equipment will slowly start to find themselves unable to compete with those that do.

Technology is revolutionizing the cleaning industry. From modern cleaning machines like the iMop, new techniques, and cleaning materials, the once slow and labor-intensive business is becoming easier, faster, and more efficient. Even the best cleaning staff cannot clean as fast or efficiently as a good automated cleaning machine. The smart commercial cleaning companies have woken up to this and are investing in top new technology to make the business more efficient.

The initial investment for modern cleaning equipment may be high, but the labor savings are immediate and significant. By working with a professional cleaning company that embraces new technology and labor-saving devices, customers can expect to reap all the benefits of a consistently clean facility without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

Labor-saving cleaning equipment is already highly efficient and continues to develop and improve. iNX is a leading commercial cleaning company committed to the latest cleaning techniques and technology to provide superior service. To find out more about what we can do for your facility, schedule an appointment to be contacted by one of our sales representatives or call 1 (888) Team-INX today!