Cleanliness Sells Cars!

Clients Buy More Expensive Cars from Clean Auto Dealers

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With all the different brands and dealerships vying for customers, the automotive sector is highly competitive. The customer’s initial impression of the dealership can have an impact on your ability to make those crucial sales. This is why commercial janitorial cleaning is so important in an auto dealership.

The overall cleanliness and appeal of your dealership, from the parking lot and showroom doors, to the sales offices, service bays and customer lounges, will make customers feel comfortable. It will influence their decision in purchasing a more expensive model in your range of vehicles.

That is why choosing the right professional cleaning company to maintain the dealership’s outwards impression to the highest standards will have an impact on revenue and sales targets. When the client chooses to purchase a more expensive model, it will lead to higher profit margins and business growth.

How does cleanliness make a difference?

Several key factors have a direct influence on the customers’ purchasing decision when at your dealership.

Of critical importance is the first impression. How the customer views the level of attention to detail when it comes to cleanliness will directly influence how professional he or she perceives your dealership to be. This will, of course, influence his or her purchasing choices.

If the premises are dirty with a disorganized showroom, messy waiting areas, and grimy floors, the customer can very easily be turned off and take his or her business elsewhere. This is why the role of your professional cleaning company cannot be overstated.

The comfort and well-being the customer feels after walking into your dealership will also have a profound influence on his or her purchasing choices. The customer will feel more relaxed and approachable. It will make the viewing of the vehicles, discussion, and negotiations a pleasant experience for both customer and sales staff.

Your sales staff works on commission and need to meet sales targets to ensure the growth and longevity of your dealership. If the sales force is working in an environment where their health and hygiene is guaranteed, this will keep them motivated and encourage them to close those all-important deals.

What services can your cleaning company offer to help influence the customer?

The right commercial janitorial cleaning company must be able to provide the essential cleaning services to give your potential customers that all too critical first impression.

These are some of the key services it should provide:

General Cleaning
This entails the effective cleaning and sanitizing of all the offices, lobbies, and waiting areas of the dealership.

Parts and Service
The cleaning of the parts and services departments is also important. Special care must be taken in the case of oil spills and other fluids.

Display windows are the all-important windows into your showroom. These need to be kept clear of smudges and always streak-free after cleaning.

Display Cabinets
Regular dusting and cleaning are required to keep the display cabinets clean of smudges and streak-free.

Service Areas
The sweeping and scrubbing of all service drop-off areas, including the service bays and the body shop floors, must be done.

Offices and Cubicles
All offices and staff cubicles should be kept clean and hygienic, with attention to telephones and exposed surfaces.

To keep the carpets free of grime, dirt, and oily spots because of spillage, the various carpeting materials should be cleaned using specialized cleaning chemicals and techniques.

Restroom Facilities
The janitorial cleaning services company must place an emphasis on the cleaning and disinfecting of all lavatories and ensure all surfaces are always clean and hygienic. Its staff must also ensure that all restroom supplies, such as toilet tissue and hand towels, are well-stocked.

Furniture Upholstery
Furniture upholstery is a magnet for spills and other messes. Use of the correct solvents and chemicals is necessary to keep the furniture clean and hygienic for the customers and staff to use.

Parking Lot
The parking lot is the first space the customer will see. If this area is not swept clean and power washed, that all important initial impression is lost and may affect sales revenue.

Touch Surfaces
Touch surfaces, such as door handles and light switches, are quick to gather dirt and grime. These surfaces are also prone to transmitting germs and viruses. Therefore, these surfaces must be kept clean and hygienic to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Hospitality Areas
If your dealership has the facilities to offer complimentary coffee and other beverages, including light snacks, to waiting customers, this area must be kept clean. Part of the janitorial cleaning services duties should include the cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces and appliances that are prone to messes and spillage.

Special Events
Dealerships often host special events on the premises to attract customers or promote the launch of a new model. These events invariably lead to a buildup of mess and clutter. Arrange with your professional cleaning company to assist with the cleanup after the event to ensure that the dealership is restored to its pristine condition for the next day’s business.

Showroom Floors
The showroom floor is a high-traffic area, and special care and attention need to be taken when cleaning these areas.

It is imperative that your commercial cleaning company staff has the right level of training to identify the surface type and apply the correct cleaning techniques and chemicals for the effective cleaning and enhancing of the appearance of the floors. The longevity of the floors’ surfaces through proper care and attention will also be prolonged.

In Conclusion

From the moment the client walks into your showroom, he or she will see the level of commitment to a clean, comfortable, and appealing dealership. If the client is impressed, he or she will be more amenable to the salesforce upselling the benefits of the more expensive brands or models in the range. Customers appreciate the professionalism in presentation and will appreciate the care and attention the staff takes during the sales negotiations.

If you wish to enhance your customers’ experience within your dealership by choosing an industry-leading professional cleaning company, look no further than iNX. Give us a call today and one of our experienced professionals can set up a meeting to discuss your cleaning and janitorial needs!