Commercial Cleaning for Highly Regulated Industries

Throughout the last decade, the highly regulated cannabis industry has rapidly bloomed across the United States. While these businesses face enormous opportunities, they are also presented with significant operational hurdles - especially when it comes to a fast, effective commercial cleaning regimen.

As an established leader in the professional janitorial industry, iNX Commercial Cleaning is your trusted partner in providing custom, comprehensive cleaning solutions for your cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution facilities.

From grow rooms to customer-facing distribution areas, iNX Commercial Cleaning uses industry-specific cleaning and sanitation techniques and products that prevent cross-contamination from room-to-room helping to pave a long, sustainable road for growth and wellbeing. We know that in this highly regulated industry it’s crucial to take the right steps to clean your facility… because if you fail to do so, the result can be detrimental to your entire business.

Best Practices for Cleaning in the Highly Regulated Cannabis Industry

Use Cleaning Agents That Are Specific To Your Needs

Having a pristine, contaminant-free cannabis dispensary or facility is crucial to the success of the business and the health of your patients. With a routine disinfecting regimen, pathogens (or potential pathogens) are destroyed – thus preventing room-to-room cross-contamination or mold outbreaks. We understand that introducing new cleaning chemicals into your facility can potentially have a negative impact on your product and bottom line, therefore, we tailor our disinfecting approach to the needs of your specific space. Whether that be using industry-standard products, environmentally friendly agents or unique chemicals that are exclusive to your facility, we adapt our cleaning process to serve your business needs.

Opt for a Better Way to Approach Floor Cleaning 

Floors, hallways, and corridors in cannabis production, manufacturing, and distribution facilities are often overlooked when it comes to thorough, consistent cleaning. Facilities in the cannabis industry pose unique challenges to floor cleaning mainly related to the product that is being produced – think spilled soil and residue build-up. Many janitorial companies stick to a traditional mop and bucket approach to cleaning floors. However, at iNX Commercial Cleaning recognize that the traditional method isn’t nearly as effective or efficient as using an automatic floor scrubber.

Using a mop and bucket requires someone to dip a dirty mop into the cleaning solution when moving from area to area, resulting in dirt and bacteria being spread back and forth across your floors. This is why we approach floor cleaning for the cannabis industry in a different way. We utilize automatic floor scrubbers which clean, scrub, and dry floors all in one pass.

iNX uses automatic floor scrubbers for faster, more effective floor cleaning


In addition to this cleaning method being… well… cleaner, also consider the time and resources saved. According to The Official ISSA Cleaning Times, when it comes to efficiency, cleaning staff can wet mop approximately 1,700 square feet per hour when using a 16-ounce mop head. But when using a 20-inch walk-behind scrubber, cleaning teams can clean up to 16,000 square feet an hour (or 9x as much) compared to the traditional mop and bucket. With shorter clean times, labor costs are reduced and janitorial teams are able to tend to other tasks that require attention and create a healthier, cleaner facility for your employees and customers.  


Partner with a Company You Can Trust: Security Matters

Along with cleanliness and disinfection, security has to be a top priority when it comes to running any highly regulated business. iNX provides liability insurance and performs required background checks of all employees to ensure that when you decide to partner with us, your business is protected. Through our experience with companies such as Phire Labs and Green Rocket Design & Technology, we’ve recognized the importance of aligning our security protocols with yours. Whether that means checking in with your onsite security upon entry and exit or only being allowed in certain areas of the building, we are more than happy to align with your unique security protocols to ensure the environment is secure. 


Why Choose iNX to Clean Your Highly Regulated Business?

Investing in iNX Commercial Cleaning Solutions addresses operational challenges when running a highly regulated cannabis business because it puts disinfection and sanitation in the hands of experts. We create tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients based on the space, staffing, growing conditions, and budget. Without a professional plan in place, you are taking a reactive approach to cleaning rather than a proactive one, which can be fatal for the longevity of the company. 

If you are looking for a professional cleaning provider who you can depend on to keep your facilities clean and safe for your products, staff, and customers, iNX Commercial Cleaning Solutions offers custom packages for daily, weekly, or monthly treatments. (323) 765-3668