Is Your Restroom Giving Your Company a Bad Rep?

Have you ever visited a potential supplier, use the restroom and find it in a shocking state? No matter how great the presentation was afterward, chances are, the memories of the filthy, smelly restroom will be lingering in the back of your mind throughout the meeting.

“How can I work with a company that shows such little regard for their visitors?” you ask yourself.

An often overlooked but essential part of any business is the state of its restrooms. Too many offices, industrial and manufacturing facilities are falling short, damaging their reputation and bottom line. Luckily, there’s a solution.

How many times have you walked into a bathroom in an office to be assaulted by the dizzying array of sights and smells that await the unsuspecting victim? More often than not it will leave a lasting impression and make you think twice about visiting that particular company again.

The state of your restrooms affect the perception of staff, customers and visitors based on the conditions they are in.

From the staff’s point of view, a foul-smelling, bacteria riddled bathroom affects morale. Employers who fail to provide clean, healthy environments for their staff prove they hold little regard for the employee experience and well being. A company with these practices can expect to struggle with employee retention.

Your dirty bathroom facilities will also contribute to increased employee sick days. Germs and bacteria thrive in these types of musty moist environments, and without consistent, high-quality cleaning, frequent visitors like employees are bound to get sick.

On the opposite side of the coin, a customer may exit your bathroom feeling dirtier than when they first walked through the door. An unpleasant experience like that is hard to shake off and customers may feel the need to share that bad experience with others on social media and review sites. In today’s high-pressure business world, no company can afford such negative attention.

The Value of Inspection

So, is your commercial cleaning company delivering the service you need to reflect a positive image? A random inspection of the restroom facilities will give you an idea if the cleaning company is up to the task and taking its job and your needs seriously.

What to Look for During a Restroom Inspection

A fresh-smelling restroom does not necessarily mean it is clean. A quick spray and a wet wipe are not going to impress anyone.

On inspection, look for the following:

-Are the floors dirty and need to be mopped or are they still wet, thus posing a risk to staff or customers?
-Are there any visible signs of dirt on the walls of the restroom or stalls?
-Are the garbage cans emptied on a regular basis and lined with a disposable bag?
-Are the sanitary disposal containers full or are they clean and functional?
-Do the various door handles feel sticky and are the areas around them clean?
-Are there any underlying smells or odors?
-Are the sinks and countertops dirty or mucked up with dried soap ?
-Are the mirrors clean, or are they smudged and speckled with dirt?
-Are there cakes in the urinals and are all the soaps and washing supplies well-kept and fully stocked?
-Some restrooms use automated air freshener dispensers. Have they been refilled and are they fully functional?

If any of the points mentioned are below your expectations, then it’s time to reassess your cleaning vendor because after all, it is a reflection on your business as a whole.

Your business needs to be as clean and hygienic as possible so you can concentrate on other things. Do not compromise on the quality of your commercial cleaning service, speak to the professionals now. Give us a call for a free quote today! 1 (888) TEAM-INX