Daily Disinfection in Medical Facilities

Professional Medical Office Cleaning Services

It goes without saying that the cleaning and decontamination of medical offices are extremely important. You can’t expect people in need of treatment to walk into an untidy environment, and poor decontamination can lead to patients and staff getting infections and illnesses. In this type of environment, you need the services of a professional, experienced medical office cleaning company.

There are many reasons why it is essential to always keep the medical office clean and hygienic. The reputation of your practice is at risk if the patient sees an untidy medical office. With all the online review sites out there, the last thing your practice needs is bad publicity.

Apart from that, you want to create a welcoming and healthy environment for patients and visitors. You are proud of the practice you have built- your facility needs to be clean and professional in order to represent that. You also have a responsibility to all patients and visitors, as well as your own staff, to provide a safe and hygienic environment. You cannot have staff and patients getting an infection or contracting a virus in your medical office because of poor sanitization.

Not any commercial cleaning company has the training, skills, and experience to clean a medical office. The sure way to keep your practice sterile and healthy for your patients, visitors & staff is to hire a high-quality commercial cleaning company with deep experience in the medical industry.

Sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces and rooms in a medical facility requires different skills than normal office cleaning. The medical cleaning service company has to understand the process of cleaning and sanitizing a medical office.

Scope of Work

A cleaning plan or scope of work is simply a plan or checklist that details exactly what areas need to be cleaned, how they should be cleaned, and the frequency of the cleaning.

An experienced medical facility cleaning services company will have the training and experience to develop a cleaning plan. But, don’t forget to include your medical office staff when working with the cleaning company to develop the plan.

This plan ensures all areas are cleaned and high-risk areas are cleaned and sanitized regularly. This is the same concept used in hospital cleaning. But, it applies just the same to medical offices.

The first step is to determine the risk profile of each area.

Depending on the medical office, it will look something like this:

Very High-Risk Areas – These areas need the highest level of regular and thorough cleaning and sanitizing. The frequency of cleaning may be as high as one time per hour.

High-Risk Areas – Regular cleaning is determined by the schedule, as well as the flow of patients. Spot cleaning might be required after every patient depending on the nature of the practice.

Moderate Risk Areas – These need regularly scheduled cleaning and occasional spot cleaning.

Low-risk areas – Regular cleaning should be scheduled according to the traffic of the area. Cleaning will mostly involve regular cleaning of carpets and surfaces with minimal sanitizing.

Other areas include the reception area and waiting room, clinical areas, and nonclinical areas.

If not included in the risk areas named above, you need to add restrooms and kitchens to the list. These will require regular cleaning and disinfection. Each area has a different cleaning requirement and each one needs to form part of the scope of work developed with the professional cleaning company.

If you need high-quality cleaning and disinfection for your medical offices, speak to iNX. We specialize in hospitals and medical offices and have the skills necessary to keep your visitors healthy. In fact, we pride ourselves on being well-versed in the guidelines and adhering to the cleanliness and sanitation standards established by OSHA, HIPPA, EPA, and CDC. To top it off, we also have a member of the American Hospital Association (AHA) and a Certified Health Care Environmental Services Technician (CHEST) and trainer on staff.
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