Don’t Gamble with Medical Cleaning Services

One of the most difficult (and important) environment to keep clean and hygienic is a medical office. Patients come in and out every day with different ailments and viruses that need to be attended to and contained. As the medical staff and patients interact in all areas of the medical facility, it is extremely important to utilize the services of an experienced and professional janitorial company to clean and sanitize the facility. The commercial cleaning company not only works with the medical staff to curb the spread of infectious diseases and viruses, but it also helps maintain the hospitals’ reputation and compliance with HIPPA, CDC, OSHA, and other regulatory body standards.

Important Factors to Consider

Your medical office needs to be kept clean and hygienic so the health and well-being of all are guaranteed. When you’re researching the best cleaning companies, remember that not professional cleaning companies offer the same services or deliver the same results. It’s critical the cleaning company you choose is experienced, well trained & consistent.

Industry Knowledge & Experience
Patients visit a medical office hoping that they will feel better, however, an office that fails to meet medical cleaning standards may result in patients walking out sicker than they were before. It is important that the janitorial company you select for your healthcare facility be held to the highest standard. The cleaning company you choose must be professionally trained and understand the differences in the various techniques and skills required to properly clean waiting rooms, exam rooms and other sensitive areas in their respective manners. Basic mopping and sweeping is simply not enough to maintain this type of environment. The professional cleaning company best suited for the medical industry is throughly trained in cross-contamination, blood-borne pathogens, hand hygiene, and HIPAA laws.

Determining the Right Cleaning Schedule
Developing the right cleaning schedule and scope of work should include the medical staff and management teams, and, of course, a representative of the cleaning company. Because the various rooms in a medical facility require different cleaning practices and fluctuating foot traffic, the scope of work and schedule should be completely customized to meet the needs of each area. For example, the administrative area may only require weekly cleaning, but the exam and laboratories will need to be cleaned every day, sometimes multiple times a day. All staff members must be aware of the cleaning schedule so the medical cleaning team can effectively attend to all the key areas in a timely and efficient way.

The Right Levels of Communication
This is often overlooked, but it’s a key factor in the proper maintenance of the cleaning schedule and routines. As a paying customer, there should be clear and open lines of communication between you, the customer, and the janitorial service provider. Especially in the medical field, your cleaning vendor must be responsive and willing to work with you in cases of changes or emergencies.

Is the Cleaning Routine Effective?

Once you and the professional cleaning company have established a cleaning schedule and routine, it may be necessary at some time in the future to determine if it is, in fact, maintaining the correct standards of cleanliness. If the cleaning and maintenance routines need to be changed, they should be. That way, you can maintain a clean, hygienic and safe working environment for both staff and patients. A professional cleaning company will ensure the smooth running of the entire process.

Closing Thoughts

Taking all the factors into account, the importance of hiring the right medical cleaning services to attend to e needs of a hospital, clinic or medical facility cannot be overlooked. Only the best cleaning services company should handle your medical office cleaning needs. Call 1 (888) TEAM-INX and speak to one of our knowledgable representatives about your cleaning needs today.