Government Offices Require Top Quality Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning and janitorial services, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The commercial cleaning of government offices requires a different approach and the janitorial vendor of your choosing needs to be flexible and adapt to your unique environment.

Government office cleaning requires specialized training, experience, and skills. Typical cleaning services for a government office will not suffice.

The first aspect that differs when cleaning government offices is the amount of confidential and sensitive information there might be. The janitorial company cannot simply employ casual labor. All staff members need to be carefully vetted before employment. They then need to be trained to understand and appreciate the sensitive nature of their environment. They also need to be closely supervised to ensure they are following policy.

As a government office requiring cleaning and janitorial services, you need a good cleaning service, but you also need to be assured the company has rigorously screened all its staff to ensure security is not compromised.

How To Determine if You’re Dealing with a Professional Cleaning Company

There are a number of ways to gauge the quality and professionalism of a janitorial company. One of the first things you want to look at is experience. That is not to say that a new company cannot do a good job. But, an established professional cleaning company that has been around for a while has a proven track record. That counts for a lot.

It is difficult to measure the service level of a new company. It might well offer great service, but that is not easy to determine until it is hired. An experienced commercial cleaning company will have great references from happy customers. References and experience are important indicators. It shows you the company has been around for a while and that it has satisfied clients.

Good, open, and regular communication from both you and the janitorial company is one of the best ways to guarantee you get good service. If your janitorial services company is not clear on your requirements and expectations, it will be difficult for it to do a great job.

Developing a Scope of Work
With a professional cleaning company, there will always be a predetermined scope of work or cleaning plan. The best way to ensure there is no confusion and that the janitorial company works according to your expectations is to participate in developing your detailed cleaning plan.

This scope of work should cover all aspects of cleaning from day-to-day requirements to periodic deep cleaning.

Day-to-day cleaning will cover carpets and hardwood floors, countertops, washrooms, and kitchens. General dusting, emptying of trash cans, and tidying up is also required.

Some areas will be high-traffic areas and will require regular cleaning and some areas might not be used often and could be cleaned less frequently. A cleaning plan will guarantee good cleaning standards without wasting time and money.

Deep cleaning will need to be done from time to time and, again, the frequency will depend on the traffic of the area.

Depending on the office, there may be more areas to add to this list or some that do not apply. The frequency needs to be determined in advance and can be changed if you find that it is not working.

Quality Assurance
Does the janitorial company offer quality assurance checks? How is the staff supervised and how often? Are regular inspections done? These are all questions you need to ask.
Professional janitorial companies must have some type of quality assurance process; QA checks give you peace of mind and guarantee you get the quality you are paying for.

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