Fight Holiday COVID Cases with Electrostatic Disinfection

As COVID-19 cases surge following the holidays, now is the time to consider electrostatic disinfection for your commercial facility or office. According to data reported by, Airlines saw a 184% increase as 27.7 million more people were traveling this holiday season than last year. That's 92% of 2019 pre-pandemic levels. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports cases and hospitalizations have increased in recent weeks, largely due to the omicron variant, which now makes up more than 70% of new U.S. cases.

Preventing the Spread of Illnesses Like COVID-19

It’s pretty common to see a spike in cold and flu cases following holiday parties, family gathering, and winter vacations. This year, we are also seeing a huge spike in Coronavirus cases as well. Deep cleaning of your facility or office before employees return to work is crucial in protecting your business from virus outbreaks. The fastest way to accomplish thorough cleaning is with Electrostatic disinfecting services. 

How Does Electrostatic Disinfecting Benefit My Business?

With an increased focus and awareness on health and how viruses like COVID-19 spread, it’s imperative to make sure that your customers and employees feel safe in your facility. This means giving extra attention to the cleanliness and sanitation of your business. Now more than ever, people need peace of mind that their workplace is as safe as possible. Utilizing regular electrostatic spray disinfection is the best solution for germ and contaminant ridden areas.


How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

Electrostatic surface disinfection is a process in which electrostatically charged mist is sprayed onto surfaces and objects. Positively charged particles are activated through a combination of a specialized solution & an electrode inside the sprayer. The particles, once activated, attach themselves to objects and surfaces. The positive charge makes the particles in the spray electrically stronger than the object or surface you’re treating. The particles then cling to and coat any surface including the visible area, backside, and underside, with the sanitizing agent.

Learn more about how Electrostatic Disinfecting Services work here: Electrostatic Spraying – The Best Way To Disinfect

What To Do If You Have a COVID Outbreak At Your Facility

iNX offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services, including emergency disinfection using a cost-effective, time-saving method. Once you’ve been made aware that there has been a COVID outbreak, contact us so we can start your facility cleaning services as soon as possible.We’re committed to getting your business operational within 24 hours using the newest electrostatic disinfecting equipment & technology on the market.


iNX Electrostatic Disinfection Cleaning Can Help

We specialize in electrostatic disinfecting services for all types of business and facilities. Whether you’re ready to have routine cleaning or you just need a deep cleaning of your workplace before your employees return, we can help!  If you’re unsure of how often you should have service for your facility, just get in touch with us and we will schedule a time to review your unique janitorial needs.

Are you ready to rethink your janitorial services?

To learn more about how iNX can improve the cleanliness of your facility or for emergency cleaning following a COVID-19 outbreak, please call  1(888) TEAM-iNX or fill out this form to speak with a representative today!