Cleaning Up After the Party

Is your janitorial company keeping up or falling behind in the holiday rush?

The holidays are a time of good will and high spirits. But, they can also mean the increase of services needed by your janitorial company. As the seasons change, so do your office cleaning demands. With vendor visits or holiday parties, your cleaning needs increase. Yet, many businesses fail to plan ahead. Make sure to call and organize any extra cleanings or services that come with the shifting seasons. A thoughtful janitorial company should handle this ahead of time. It should not be the responsibility of the business whose workload certainly increases during this time. Employees take extra vacation time and, possibly, get sick because of flu season. Therefore, you should be able to fully focus on your company and its needs.

Any employee loves a good office party. But, an employee will enjoy it less if his or her company expects him or her to clean up. An employee is excited about going on vacation and spending time with his or her family for the season. He or she shouldn’t have to worry about grabbing a trash bag or a broom once the party ends. The right janitorial company will be willing to help and plan any extra cleanings or events at your business. That way, your employees can leave feeling happy, appreciated, and hopeful for a peaceful holiday break.

Additionally, it’s vital to have a routine janitorial company come in to clean your business while your employees are away. If not, when they come back, they will feel stressed and unappreciated. They’ll spend their first few days back picking up messes and dusting off their keyboards. A mess or cluttered area will only serve as a distraction and decrease productivity. Ensure that a janitorial company maintains your business even while employees are away. This will guarantee that there is no mail or clutter buildup. Your employees will not find any dust and spaces will be ready and waiting for them.

The TeamiNX Solution

Outsourcing your cleaning needs to a professional janitorial company means you won’t have to worry about holiday breaks and parties. We at iNX make sure to spend more time in your facility when the cleaning needs increase. We understand even an empty office can accrue mail, boxes, forgotten food in the break room, and dust. We know that your office will need a cleaning before your employees come back.

We are familiar with the jump-in services for a janitorial company. We know to call ahead and schedule specific services that you may need. Businesses normally schedule a deep cleaning of the break room and kitchen area. They don’t want their employees to come back to dirty appliances or spoiled food after their vacations. We also schedule deep cleaning services for the floors, bathrooms, or entryways since there’ll be no one in the way. Check out some of our great cleaning services here and see what your office needs.

We know how important it is to keep your business clean and clear. But, we also know that most holiday vacations happen right in the middle of flu and cold season. A janitorial company, such as iNX, can ensure all your surfaces, bathrooms, and communal areas are thoroughly sanitized. This is very is important to the health of every person who comes to your business. This means your employees are not the only ones benefiting from a clean and safe environment. Vendors, partners, clients, customers, or patients also reap the benefits.

Enjoy Your Break

After you’ve made the decision to outsource your cleaning to iNX, the upcoming parties and events won’t feel as stressful. You’ll know an efficient and reputable janitorial company is coming to clean and maintain your office. You’ll be able to fully appreciate the glow of the holidays and enjoy the party to celebrate your company. There should be no calling around after the event or trying to talk a few employees into cleaning up. You and your employees are sure to enjoy the party without worrying about finding volunteers for cleanup.

It is important to make sure you send your employees off the right way. Sending them off without asking them to clean up or stay after helps them feel appreciated. It also ensures that they will return from their vacations feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to work. When employees feel appreciated, they are more productive and happier and that leads to a more profitable company. Your janitorial company know this and guarantees the space your employees come back to is orderly, clean, and safe.

Your employees will be grateful when they walk into a clean and fresh office they know has been thoroughly sanitized. The likelihood of employees getting sick and having to take sick days will drop. Less absenteeism means more profit for your company. And, all employees love not being sick, so they’ll be grateful they, at least, won’t catch it from work. Having the right janitorial company can make a huge difference in the health and safety of your employees and clients. Make sure you’re on the same page with your services or you may get too many calls for sick days!

P.S: It’s never too early or too late to reconsider your cleaning needs. In the throes of planning a huge event or just need more support on board during your busy season? Then, iNX is here to help. Call us today!