How To Clean Floors (The Right Way)

Are you unhappy with the results of your traditional floor cleaning process?

The Tennant T300, an innovative new walk-behind scrubber, can clean virtually any hard surface, including finished concrete and porous stone. It makes cleaning the floor so easy you would never want to go back to using a traditional scrubber. But, why should you buy one when Team INX has one ready in our arsenal?

Typical Floor Cleaning

Before going into the features and benefits of the T300, let’s discuss the problems with traditional floor cleaning machines, such as floor scrubbers, dryers, and sweepers. Traditional floor cleaning machines are not bad for cleaning, but they come with several problems that can spoil your day. Typical floor cleaning machines are not user friendly. On top of that, they are noisy!

Traditional floor cleaners and scrubbers are so noisy you cannot use them during office hours without disrupting the normal flow of work. Because traditional floor machines consume a lot of power, they are costly to operate.

Lastly, they require high preventative and corrective maintenance, meaning they break down frequently. Common problems include the machine stops operating, the brush motor doesn’t operate, the machine doesn’t propel, the vacuum motor doesn’t operate, there is little to no solution flow, the water pickup performance is poor, the sweeping is poor, and the run time is short. For all of these reasons, it’s clear why you wouldn’t want to stick with your current traditional floor cleaning machine.

A Better Option

As mentioned earlier, the T300 is an innovative technology that makes cleaning any surface as easy as eating a pie. That may be a little exaggerated, but it really does take the pain out of cleaning. Not only that, it can do a better job than most floor cleaners. Let’s take a look at some of its innovative features.

• Easy to operate:

    • The Tennant T300 comes with onboard cleaning instructions that help you operate the machine safely and correctly. The Insta-Click™ head allows you to install the pads and brushes ergonomically and with very little effort.

• Quiet but powerful: The machine is so quiet (as low as 65 dBA) you can use it during the day without disrupting the normal flow of work. The optimal down pressure and RPM provide a powerful cleaning performance.

• Eliminates the use of chemicals in floor stripping: The Tennant T300 allows you to perform floor stripping without using chemicals, thus eliminating the need to handle caustic stripping chemicals. It also reduces water consumption.

• Safe to operate: The Tennant T300’s squeegee design minimizes the risks of slip-and-fall accidents and enables faster and easier installation of the squeegee blades. The battery venting with onboard charger fan and integrated venting allows you to charge the battery safely without having to open the lid. The flow control valve reduces contact with the dirty water that is collected and allows you to control the flow rate when draining.

• Easy to fill up: Its easy-to-fill port allows you to fill the unit quickly and easily with minimal risk of spilling. The integrated hose clips hold the hose in place, allowing you to do other things during the filling process.

• Accessory tray: This keeps the cleaning supplies you need at hand. It reduces your trips to the storeroom.

• Easy maintenance: The yellow touch points help prevent breakdown and make preventive maintenance easier.

• Precision cleaning: The Tennant T300 comes with a 3M™ Trizact™ System, a precision cleaning technology that allows you to clean finished concrete surfaces with accuracy.

In short, the T300 has every feature to make it a cleaning machine to replace all other cleaning machines. When you leave your office cleaning to us, you won’t find yourself grumbling about substandard cleaning, employees who call in sick, or rude customers.

P.S: If you would like to know how the T300 can enhance the image of your company, call 1 (888) TEAM-INX