A Hybrid Approach to Jantorial Services

hybrid janitorial solution

Hybrid Jantorial Services

Janitorial services are much more than just wiping down counters and sweeping floors, especially in a business that desires a constantly, clean environment. If you only have nightly janitorial services, spaces like breakrooms, conference rooms, and bathrooms will undoubtedly become messy and cluttered throughout the workday. And on the opposite coin, if you only have day porter services, bigger tasks, like mopping or vacuuming floors, are unable to be performed because they will disrupt the workday.

If you hate it when a certain shift ends or starts because employees start sending in complaints or concerns regarding their surrounding office space, then you have an issue that is solvable with a hybrid janitorial solution. No employee wants to suffer through requesting supplies from the bathroom because he or she didn’t realize there weren’t any or have to use a kitchen where all the mugs are dirty. Wet counters or horrendous odors from those restrooms may make your employees get back to work faster, but not for the right reasons. Routine day porter services combined with nightly janitorial ensure the workplace remains clean for employees throughout the day, while bigger cleaning tasks are handled after business hours.

Why iNX is Different

With our proven process, we come to your facility to assess your specific needs by asking the correct questions to understand exactly what you need and are looking for in janitorial services. Since we get to know your facility personally, we are a step above those companies that are only out for a quick clean and a fast check. After our assessment, we know exactly what your company needs. It may be you are in need of a hybrid janitorial approach with both day porters and an overnight cleaning crew to make sure your facility is in tip-top shape and all your employees feel sufficiently cared for. Remember that happy employees mean higher productivity.

Our day porters are trained to be flexible, responsive, and on-demand, so they are available whenever you need them during the busy workday while also being able to work on a set, contracted schedule for your company. Our overnight janitorial service crews are extensively trained and stick to the scope of predetermined work and follow through with high attention to detail.

With a hybrid approach to cleaning, bathrooms will be sparkling clean, glass partitions will be free of smudges, and floors will be spotless. Nothing is worse than walking into a disgusting bathroom with wet counters, wet floors, dirty toilets, and no supplies – or a conference room with the previous teams’ lunch leftovers across the tables. Using both day porters and a nightly janitorial crew makes sure your workplace is always ready for a great day’s work.

If you want all your employees to be productive and safe from germs while at work, call 1 (888) team-iNX or fill out this form to begin your hybrid janitorial solution today!