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The Innovative i-Mop Scrubber!

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Technology is revolutionizing the cleaning industry. From modern cleaning machines, new techniques, and cleaning materials, the once slow and labor-intensive business is becoming easier, faster, and more efficient. Even the best cleaning staff cannot clean as fast or efficiently as a good automated cleaning machine. The smart cleaning and janitorial services companies have woken up to this and are investing in top new technology to make the business more efficient.

This will give them a major advantage over those companies that still rely on the bucket-and-mop style of cleaning. Sure, cleaning will always require human efforts, but good cleaning technology offers amazing cost savings and the technology is more consistent and effective in cleaning.

Labor is by far the biggest expense for the cleaning and janitorial services company and any technology or equipment that reduces this will result not only in lower costs but a higher standard of cleaning. Those companies that fail to invest in modern equipment will slowly start to find themselves unable to compete with those that do.

There are several innovative cleaning machines on the market. They include robotic vacuum cleaners, industrial floor scrubbers, automatic steam cleaners, robotic window cleaners, etc. All these will bring greater efficiencies and improved service delivery to the professional cleaning company. These will perform the job not only better than human cleaners but in a fraction of the time. Automated floor cleaners being used in some airports, hospitals, and other areas can clean large floor surfaces in less than a quarter of the time it would take a large team of cleaners, each with their own machines. The cost and time savings are phenomenal.

Don’t think of these machines as glorified Roombas. While those are handy around the house, these modern commercial cleaning machines are infinitely more powerful than consumer devices. They have advanced electronics to guide them and allow them to clean in the most efficient manner possible. Most are also able to recharge themselves automatically when necessary and report back if they need maintenance, more cleaning materials or experience any other problems.

The machines complement the human element by saving them for the laborious, time-consuming repetitive tasks so they can focus on the cleaning jobs that are more involved and require a human touch. The end result is improved cleaning at a lower cost and in a much faster time. Those janitorial cleaning services companies that have invested in these machines have reported a significant increase in productivity, as well as better results.

Although the initial investment in such technology is still fairly significant, the results speak for themselves and the equipment will pay for itself in a fairly short space of time.

Many people still believe the machines to be similar to the early prototypes that were frankly not very efficient. They seldom cleaned perfectly and often got stuck in certain areas or could not reach corners and under counters very well. They also often have a poor battery life. The technology has improved exponentially, and the newer machines perform exceptionally well. They are fast, effective, and highly efficient.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Mops with the Incredible i-Mop Scrubber

One of the most exciting automatic cleaners to hit the market recently is the nimble i-mop. One just has to see it in action to realize the benefits and exceptional power of this automatic cleaner.

It is small, light, and extremely agile. It really makes cleaning a fast and painless experience and the results are phenomenal. Anyone can operate the i-mop with ease. It scrubs and dries in one quick and easy movement. Getting into corners, hard-to-reach areas, and under counters and desks is no challenge for the i-mop thanks to the slim and ergonomic design. It is also not backbreaking like some of the earlier automatic cleaners.

It rotates 180 degrees for fast and easy movement. Another great benefit is it has multiple tanks for a range of different chemicals. You will use different solutions for restrooms, for example, than in reception halls and other areas. It is cordless, which makes it easy to maneuver without cables getting in the way.

The i-mop charges quickly and will give you a good run time between charges. It dries as it cleans, meaning there is no slipping hazard as you work. This means there is no disruption to others as you clean. It is also remarkably quiet. Because it is significantly lighter than most other industrial mopping machines, it can be carried up and down the stairs easy.

commercial cleaning professional janitorial services los angeles

Water conservation is also becoming an important consideration in commercial cleaning and the i-mop is extremely water-wise. Technology like this will make your commercial janitorial cleaning service faster and more efficient. It will also reduce the strain of the heavier equipment that even the old bucket-and-mop system put on workers. This will improve their tasks and make them more productive.

Commercial cleaning technology is a worthwhile investment and the janitorial services companies that fail to adapt to these technologies will be at a distinct disadvantage. Happier workers with the right equipment will do a better job with less backbreaking work. The cost saving will also mean that you can reduce labor costs. This will give your cleaning and janitorial services company a competitive advantage.

Cleaning and janitorial services companies that are slow to take on new technology that saves time and money will find themselves unable to compete with those that do. Labor costs will continue to rise. Add to that the additional expenses and challenges that come with relying on human labor. Yes, you will still need human labor but new technology will reduce this and minimize the cost and associated hassles.

Labor-saving automatic cleaners are already highly efficient and continue to develop and improve. The sooner janitorial cleaning services companies invest in modern equipment, such as the i-mop, the better off they will be.

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