Maximizing Your COVID-19 Cleaning Plan

Cleanliness and hygiene are top of mind for everyone as COVID-19 concerns riddle national headlines on a daily basis. Despite local economies starting to open up, there is still public concern about virus exposure and infection. This rings especially true in workspaces. Employees are unable to feel comfortable, let alone productive if they're constantly concerned about an unseen virus lurking about their workstations, break-rooms, restrooms & just about every location one can think of. To quell fears and create confidence in their employees, it is crucial that employers step up their COVID-19 cleaning plan.

We’ve seen many workplaces implement special cleaning protocols during the peak of COVID-19 or simply rush to get the workplace cleaned before their employees return to the office – but this isn’t enough. Cleanings in the workplace need to have an increased frequency and intensity to address specific concerns about coronavirus. It’s time you take a deeper look at your current workplace cleaning practices and measure how they stand up to fighting coronavirus concerns.

How Long Can COVID-19 Live on Surfaces?

Coronaviruses are commonly transmitted through airborne droplets – specifically, coughs and sneezes. However, this resilient virus can live on various surfaces for different lengths of time. For example, a study out of Harvard Medical School discovered that the virus can thrive for up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to 3 days on plastic surfaces. When you consider how long these particles can linger, facility disinfection and sanitation protocols become absolutely necessary.

As an employer, consider the several common surfaces in your facility and the extreme likelihood for coronavirus to linger. At a minimum, you must regularly disinfect and sanitize high-touch surfaces throughout the entire building. We also recommend you encourage employees to wipe down their spaces and touched areas as well.

Increase Janitorial Services

Workplace readiness for preventing the spread of COVID-19 can be as simple as stepping up what you’re already doing – increasing frequency and intensity. For example, if your janitorial service comes once per week, consider increasing that frequency to at least 3 times per week to keep on top of a sanitary environment.

Practicing a deep cleaning method, like electrostatic disinfection, is the best and most efficient process to completely disinfect and boost your employees’ confidence in the cleanliness of the workplace.

Main Benefits of Electrostatic Spray Disinfection:
(Sanitary Maintenance, February 2018)

– Reduces the time it takes to cover and disinfect all surfaces and hard-to-reach places by 50% compared to conventional methods
– Improves infection control and the spread of viruses such as COVID-19, influenza, MRSA, HIV, and many others
– Applies chemicals in a more efficient, controlled manner, eliminating the dangers of overuse
– Prevents costly financial burdens associated with contagious healthcare infections

Another trend among business owners who are taking these extra precautions is round-the-clock disinfection. In order to achieve this, regular nightly janitorial services are supplemented with a day porter to ensure constant cleaning coverage. If your business has employees or customers entering your facility, day porter disinfecting services are highly recommended.

Evaluate Standards for a Clean Workplace

During the current health crisis, the cleanliness of your office or facility plays a monumental role in how your employees and/or customers adapt to the workplace. As experts in the janitorial industry, we suggest following this list of best practices and recommended guidelines in order to preserve the health and safety of everything within your facility:

– Establish an executive policy on how personnel must act to reduce transmission in the workplace
– Promote respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene for employees, customers, and worksite visitors
– Implement company-wide processes to disinfect personal stations throughout the workday
– Disinfect frequently touched surfaces regularly throughout the day, through the use of day porter services
– Incorporate deep cleaning methods like electrostatic spraying into your regularly scheduled janitorial plan

Now it’s time for you to evaluate your current workplace cleaning standards to make sure they address COVID-19 coronavirus-specific concerns. Ease your employees’ worries about an unclean environment by increasing cleaning frequency, employing specific disinfection practices, and establishing new policies to promote workplace cleanliness.

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