How to Keep Residents Happy

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Satisfied Tenants in Residential Communities

The importance of cleanliness in a residential community cannot be understated. It’s one of the more challenging things a property manager must do. In the past, property managers or the Home Owners Association (HOA) would normally employ a full-time team, including a superintendent, caretakers, groundskeepers, and cleaners. While this might have made sense in the past, it’s now more cost-effective and practical to make use of a professional janitorial company. There are many advantages to outsourcing this task, but the odds are you’ll get much better results at a lower cost than having a full-time team of staff looking after these services.

As an HOA or property manager, you have multiple responsibilities, and they can be overwhelming. Every day, there is a new challenge; there is always something that requires urgent attention. Staff is a huge responsibility. There are multiple HR issues that must be dealt with, along with numerous regulations that must be complied with. Wages, annual leave, sick days, poor performance, dishonesty, and general management issues are some of the issues you must deal with on an ongoing basis. Why put yourself through all that stress when a professional janitorial company can clean your community with minimal input or involvement from you and/or your team? Budgets are tight and time is never enough. But, you are always expected to have a perfectly maintained place.

Why Cleanliness is So Important

The first impression existing and prospective owners get of a residential community is how clean its common areas are. This will form a lasting impression on all who see it. Existing property owners will be upset if the cleanliness and general maintenance are not up to scratch because that will undermine the value of their investment. Prospective buyers will be immediately put off and probably never return. This could have far-reaching consequences for the property managers. Cleanliness can literally determine the success or failure of the property.

Common areas vary from one residential community to the next. Therefore, it’s crucial a flexible, customized cleaning plan is developed around the specific needs of the property. Some areas see a lot more traffic than others, so while it is essential all areas are always spotless, certain areas require more cleaning than others.

Common areas could include the community’s entrance, the lobby or reception area, administration buildings, gyms, clubhouses, game rooms, and lounges. There could also be staff quarters or rest areas that need cleaning. The trash collection area is particularly important. Failing to clean this area could lead to foul odors and vermin and germs.

Some might have elevators or stairs and handrails that need to be cleaned and sanitized. In addition, cleaning must be done in the parking lots, roads, pathways, and seating areas. Residents are expected to maintain these areas themselves, to a degree. But, there are always a few who will make a mess. Sometimes, guests will also leave their mark. A certain amount of dust and dirt is inevitable, even if everyone is neat and tidy. Ongoing cleaning is essential. With a janitorial company, you have the flexibility and backup to ensure all this is done efficiently and correctly. Another important point to remember is the regular services of a professional janitorial company will keep the common areas in good condition and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

The Benefits of Using a Professional Janitorial Company

There are many benefits to outsourcing the cleaning of the common areas to a professional janitorial company. We have already mentioned that HOA or property managers won’t have to deal with the administrative and HR headaches that a full-time janitorial staff would involve. The other thing is having a flexible team at your disposal means you don’t have to pay for the wasted time. Some work is seasonal or certain times of the year require more work. If you are paying a cleaning team during a quiet period, you’re wasting money. On the other hand, there will be times when the workload is heavy and you might find yourself short-staffed. None of these will be an issue with a professional janitorial company handling your cleaning requirements.

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Security, professionalism, and training are also major factors that will be handled by the professional cleaning company. This takes a huge weight off your shoulders, gives you less to worry about, and allows you to have more time to deal with the other issues. The professional janitorial company will check and screen all employees to make sure they are getting the right caliber of people on their team. They are then trained in the latest cleaning techniques and receive ongoing training to ensure high standards. Staff should be smartly dressed in uniforms so they are easily identified and, depending on requirements, should wear identification badges.

The other advantage is a professional janitorial company will invest in quality cleaning equipment and technology that is often out of reach to the average HOA or property manager. This equipment makes cleaning faster, more efficient, and requires less expensive labor hours. Because of the company’s size, it gets the best quality cleaning materials at discounted prices. It knows what works best for specific areas or types of cleaning, so the results are better.

A good professional janitorial company will work according to a customized schedule that is developed in consultation with the HOA or property manager. The company will supervise the work closely and do regular inspections to guarantee the highest standards are being maintained.

Common areas are areas used and seen by all residents, owners, visitors, and potential investors. Proper cleanliness is crucial to the status and value of the residential community. The best way to achieve this in a cost-effective manner is by using a professional janitorial company. That way, you will have happy investors and tenants. The residential community will be seen in a positive light and will prosper. Poorly maintained common areas will have the opposite effect.

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