The Secret to Getting More Shoppers in the Door

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, a successful shopping center needs to do one thing: attract shoppers. This will boost visibility and keep the revenue flowing in. This can be difficult to achieve if the center is dirty, grimy, and messy. Customers are quick to notice and will steer clear. They will shop elsewhere, taking revenue away from your business. This is where commercial janitorial cleaning services come in.

Shopping centers and malls attract hundreds or thousands of people every day. With that amount of traffic, dirty bathrooms, large messes and high volumes of trash are unavoidable. These need to be attended to as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Customers often gravitate toward the food court, and, as a result, food is dropped, drinks are spilled, and the trash cans quickly become full. Because of spillage and messes, the floors can become quite slippery and dangerous.

When the shopping center or mall is open to the public, they are quick to notice if it is dirty and lacking attention. The professional cleaning company needs to be on top of every cleaning issue that may arise to guarantee a clean, healthy, safe, and sanitary experience for the shopper.

Part of the daily managing of the center’s cleaning will be to always have janitorial services crew members on site. These cleaners, known as day porters, are briefed by the site supervisors on the routines needed to minimize the risk of falls and other hazards that may occur while maintaining the center’s outward presentation.

Any spills reported must be cleaned up immediately, and where there is the possibility of wet floors during the cleanup, signs must be displayed to alert customers to any potential risks.

Where and when necessary, dry mopping must be done to reduce the risk of customer and staff injury. The reputation and goodwill of the center and the tenants depend on it.

The professional cleaners must ensure all garbage cans are emptied before they are full and any sanitary disposal cans in the restrooms are closely monitored and emptied when necessary.

Regular inspections of these areas are critical for highlighting any issues that may arise quickly and then immediately cleaning them up.

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To attract customers and keep them coming back, a predetermined scope of work and routine must be established between the central management and the janitorial service company. Attention to detail is key to always providing a clean and comfortable shopping environment for the customer.

The goal is to minimize any risk of slipping and falling, as well as any cross-contamination, which could lead to any center staff or customers picking up an illness or sustaining an injury.

Focus Areas

The commercial cleaning team will be responsible for the following:

Windows and Glass Surfaces
There is nothing worse than dusty, grimy, and streaked windows. All entrance windows and those of the shops and amenities within the center need be kept sparkling and streak-free.

Dust is quick to build up over time and is very noticeable on certain surfaces. Regular dusting is required for all exposed surfaces, with special attention being paid to light fittings and signage.

A shopping center’s floors are a magnet for spills, messes, and trash. Depending on the type of cleaning required, the floors must be carefully maintained, buffed, and polished.

Carpets & Doormats
Carpets and doormats can quickly become grimy and stained because of foot traffic. These need to be vacuumed regularly and shampooed to remove stubborn dirt and stains.

Stairs & Other Hard Surfaces
All the stairs and hard surfaces within the center need to be swept or mopped to remove trash, spills or messes because they can cause slips and falls if not properly cleaned and maintained.

Garbage Cans
A full and overflowing waste or garbage can is unsightly. The janitorial services team must ensure these are emptied in a timely manner and new liners are installed after removal.

Food Court
Because this area deals with food, it must have special care and attention given to it and the right nontoxic cleaning solutions must be used.

Nothing is more off-putting than dirty and unhygienic restrooms. The condition of these facilities is the highest priority for customer satisfaction. The proper cleaning and disinfecting of toilets and surfaces must be strictly monitored.

Restroom Floors
To avoid customers slipping and falling on wet restroom floors, after cleaning and disinfecting, these floors must be dried to keep them moisture-free.

Sinks & Mirrors
Sinks and mirrors in a restroom very quickly accumulate dirt and moisture. All mirrors and sinks, including the taps, must be disinfected and wiped to keep the mirrors smudge- and streak-free and the sinks from clogging with dirt.

Restroom Facilities
Toilet tissue, paper towels, and hand soap dispensers need to be monitored and replenished with new stock to avoid any complaints from irate customers.

Waste & Clutter
Not all customers are diligent in the disposal of their trash in cans. The janitorial services team must ensure this waste is dealt with and disposed of quickly.

Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are often overlooked when it comes to the cleaning schedule because they are rarely used Over time, however, they can get a serious buildup of dust if not attended to and will need to be cleaned regularly.

External Garbage Cans
Focusing on the internal areas of the shopping center is crucial. However, that does not mean the external areas should be ignored. The regular emptying of garbage cans on the outside of the center helps project a clean and positive image and can be a factor in attracting customers to the center.

Parking Lot
Sweeping and power washing the parking lot can help prevent a buildup of unsightly trash and oil marks from vehicles. Keeping this area clean goes a long way in promoting your shopping center. Not all commercial cleaning companies offer high-pressure cleanings, but lucky for you, iNX does!

Closing Thoughts

Maintaining an outwardly clean and healthy shopping center will help in its promotion. It will encourage customers to return, and, hopefully, via word of mouth and social media, attract more people to come and enjoy fulfilling shopping experiences.

To help boost your mall or shopping center, give iNX a call today. We are a professional janitorial company with many years of experience in the care, maintenance, and cleaning of retail outlets. We can help you get the edge over your competitors for years to come. Call 1 (888) TEAM-INX or schedule an appointment to speak with us today!