The Future of Cleaning

The time when you'd find someone on their knees scrubbing a floor with a wire brush is gone. The modern approach to cleaning and janitorial services is more efficient, more effective, delivers better results, and is more cost-effective, too. But what's in store for the future of cleaning? Let's take a look at where we started, where we are now, and what we have to look forward to in the professional cleaning industry. The future of cleaning might be closer than you think.

The Old Way of Cleaning

Historically, professional cleaning was a very physical job and one that was largely visual. In other words, more concern was placed on what looked clean rather than what was sanitized or germ-free. Once the role of germs and infections became more well known, the  janitorial industry started focusing on disinfection and the use of chemicals became standard.

Still today, high-pressure hot water and steam are staples in the cleaning regimen for any professional cleaning company. Additionally, there’s a range of chemicals and cleaning agents designed for a specific use.

Chemically Speaking… What’s the Difference Between Cleaning Solutions we use Today VS What we Used to Clean with in the Past?

Today’s chemicals are made to kill germs, just as they always have been, BUT modern cleaning chemicals are designed to not be harmful to humans, especially those using them for cleaning.

Cleaning with Green Technologies

Another modern trend that has evolved in the commercial cleaning industry is the use of green technology. Many companies  now specifically look for suppliers and janitorial services that will provide eco-friendly “green cleaning” options. Green Cleaning Companies use environmentally responsible products and cleaning solutions and practice cleaning methods that keep us and our environment healthy and free of toxins. Green cleaning also refers to the use of more energy-efficient equipment

No more one-size fits all thinking when it comes to professional cleaning services.

Today’s Commercial Cleaning is Industry Specific

Whether you run a medical center, a food processing plant, a warehouse, or an office building or school, you need a professional janitorial service that will provide high quality, reliable cleaning services to your business. Companies like iNX Commercial Cleaning  Solutions know that every industry has their own set of cleaning needs and standards.

Here are some examples of industry specific cleaning needs:

Medical Cleaning Services – Hospitals, doctors offices, and other medical environments obviously come with their own set of challenges. They need to be as clean as possible while causing no harm to staff and patients. Technologies in this area include protection wear for the cleaners to ensure they are not exposed to germs or medical byproducts.

Learn more about how iNX Commercial Cleaning serves the Medical Industry

Cleaning for the Manufacturing Industry – The janitorial company’s role in manufacturing cleaning services is again essential. While we often think of manufacturing as an industry that is already dirty, modern manufacturing often means the production of high-precision, delicate equipment for which the smallest dust and dirt could create an array of problems for machinery. In this case, janitorial services include both large-scale cleaning operations, as well as paying attention to small and delicate areas of the manufacturing plant’s production spaces.

Office Cleaning – As technology has advanced, so have the facilities in modern office buildings. Therefore, cleaning office buildings has evolved, too. Now, professional janitorial companies equipped with the most modern equipment and technology available. Beyond the cart of detergents, various cloths, and specialized equipment for smaller items of work, a high-quality janitorial company will also utilize high-pressure hoses for cleaning grime, steam cleaners for disinfectants, walk-behind floor scrubbers, and telescope dusters, etc.

The Future of Commercial Cleaning

There are some innovative experiments with technology happening within the professional cleaning service industry. While these are not commercially available yet, they do show how important these sectors are.

Robotics TechnologyThere are several benefits to using robots for disinfection.

These automated cleaning robots are computer-controlled, industrial-grade machines that can scrub surfaces and apply widespread disinfectant more efficiently and thoroughly than any human.

Avidbots Neo autonomous floor cleaning robot. | Credit: Avidbots
Avidbots Neo autonomous floor cleaning robot. | Credit: Avidbots

Their routes are programmed, so they can cover every inch of a business and can be programmed to focus on areas that need special attention. And by the elimination of human error, a higher, standardized level of cleanliness can be maintained.

Self-Cleaning Glass Using Nanotechnology -As the name suggests, “self-cleaning glass” can clean dirt and grime present on its surface and requires minimal amounts of maintenance. The development of such glass is due to the advancement in the field of nanotechnology, where the ultra-thin coating imparts the self-cleaning property to the glass.

self cleaning glass
Illustration of how self-cleaning glass works, in three steps, from left to right: 1) activation of the coating by UV radiation and natural dirtying, 2) decomposition of the organic dirt, and 3) rain water washes away the loosened and degraded dirt.

So, while a professional janitorial company is unlikely to be staffed by robots pushing robotic machines anytime too soon, we are seeing an exciting advancement in the use of automated machinery, evolved chemicals and technologies to clean commercial spaces. We look forward to seeing how the future of cleaning will make the janitorial industry safer, cleaner and more cost-effective.

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