Tired of Dirty Carpets?

Are You Tired of Dirty & Ugly Carpets in Your Facility?

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Imagine This

You walk into an office building or a business feeling hopeful that they can solve your problems with their goods or services. You pass through the entry way and instantly notice that it just isn’t very clean. There is dust all over the furniture, the windows are covered in fingerprints, there’s an unpleasant odor in the air but the most obvious eye sore is the filthy carpets! Did you automatically think twice about giving them your business? Truth is, you’re not alone! When a business makes you feel that way, they are not only hurting their chances to impress customers, but they’re hurting the employees as well!

The Dangers of Dirty Carpets

Owners of commercial properties and retail stores may not always put “clean the dirty carpets” at the top of their to-do list, but for their customers, employees, and other visitors who come into the office, it contributes to the impressions these visitors get of your company and brand as a whole. Dirty and smelly carpets give customers the impression that a business owner doesn’t care much about appearances, which can lead to doubts about the quality of whatever products or services are being offered.

According to ISSA, a facility with foot traffic of up to 1,000 people per day can result in nearly 24 pounds of soil brought in over the course of a 20-day period. But it doesn’t take that much foot traffic to soil or damage the carpets in your facility. If left untreated, “stains settle in and become eyesores that can’t be hidden.” Foot traffic welcomes moisture, food, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants to settle into your carpets- this becomes a breeding ground for the growth of mold and offensive odors. Future customers not only judge your business with their eyes, they judge you with their nose, too.

When considering whether to add carpet cleaning into your janitorial plan, think about the health of your employees. Your employees come in to work for you every day, and in return expect their working environment to be clean enough to do their job. Properly maintained carpet contributes to improved indoor air quality by acting like a trap, keeping particles such as dust and allergens out of the air we breathe. With so many people suffering from seasonal and indoor allergies, it’s important to maintain clean carpets to reduce sick days and improve physical health.

Unfortunately, most janitorial companies work at their own discretion regardless of what their clients need at that moment. When carpet cleaning isn’t routine and timely, it can cause more expensive problems down the road. Typical janitorial services clean carpets when they see dirt or when an unusual mess has been made. But, when you look at the same carpet over time, dirt and grime can accumulate and slowly change the carpet’s color becoming unnoticeable to the naked eye. Have you ever steamed a carpet and were shocked at the original color?

At iNX, we don’t cut corners, we clean them!

As a commercial janitorial service, we aim to excel and keep our client’s establishments spotless regardless of what you can or can’t see. Instead of just going by eye, we schedule a carpet-cleaning calendar, so your carpets always remain in immaculate condition without taking time away from your schedule to call and request it. Unlike many other janitorial companies, we at iNX take the time to understand your business and cleaning needs. This ranges drastically within each industry. For instance, some clients with heavier-used carpets use our commercial janitorial services to clean them once a week, while others only see the need to have them cleaned monthly. What are the needs of your company? What are the most walked on parts of your carpets? Having your carpets routinely cleaned is important to make sure you not only maintain a sanitary appearance for your customers but also extend the life of the carpets.

We offer all types of carpet cleaning solutions based on your needs:

  • Regularly clean high-traffic areas, such as entrances and hallways
  • Full facility carpet care for even the low-traffic areas
  • Eco-friendly, dry-chemical carpet cleaning because dry cleaning your carpet is possible
  • Steam cleaning, bonneting (special scrubbing for especially dirty carpets), and hybrid services that fit your needs. Sometimes things get really grimy and that’s when we break out our advanced equipment

Top-notch Equipment

Tennant V-WA-30 Wide Area Vacuum
This vacuum cleans a 30-inch-wide section of carpet with a low profile and a four-stage HEPA-filtration system. It carries an impressive 45-quart capacity and can clean up to 14,000 square feet an hour.

Tennant S9 Wide Area Sweeper
This self-propelled sweeper can clean an area 35 inches wide and can clean up to 23,630 square feet. This machine can easily maneuver those corners we were talking about with dual side brushes already attached. This is a workhorse for commercial janitorial services and is a lovely addition to clearing main walkways leading into your business.

With Team iNX, you’ll quickly notice what a difference our services can make!

Happier Customers: Customers are the first to comment on the cleanliness of a business. They are happy and excited to enter these establishments and tell their friends how clean and orderly it was. Customers want to see businesses that are not only on top of the industry but also care about their sanitary conditions.

Efficient Employees: Your employees will be happier and less sick (you’d be surprised how much bacteria can live in dirty carpets). With less absenteeism and a cleaner, more efficient workspace, your employees’ productivity will go up.

No More Embarrassing Explanations: No more embarrassing explanations about planning for the commercial janitorial service to come when new customers come to your business and cringe at the grimy and crusty parts of your carpet. No more musty odors with long overdue cleanings either. With scheduled cleaning already taken care of, your carpets will look customer-ready every day.

Focus on Yourself: Preplanning your routine carpet cleanings will do more than just give you a clean floor. You will have your spare time back because you don’t have to chase after a commercial janitorial service just to get someone to do something that he or she should already be doing- get back to focusing on your own work!

PS: If you want to eliminate those employee and customer complaints about ugly carpet stains or musty odors, call Team iNX. Schedule your free consultation today!