Tired of Smelling the Bathroom?

Tired of Smelling Your Restrooms from the Lobby?

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Think all professional janitorial companies are the same when it comes to keeping your bathrooms stink-free?

Restrooms are in just about every building. People don’t want to know what is going on in the restrooms. A smelly bathroom odor that lingers in your lobby or employee area is a huge deterrent to possible customers. It is also a huge source of complaints from employees and customers alike. No one wants to be on the receiving end of embarrassing complaints about the odor of their bathroom. Whether it is urine, fecal odor, or chemical cover-up, no one should be forced to smell such odors. It will drive employees and customers away.

And if this is the case, what are you paying your professional janitorial company for anyway?

Air fresheners make your building smell temporarily of chemical bathroom roses. But eventually, those chemicals will evaporate and leave the foul odor behind. If you have a lingering odor that won’t go away, it’s not just the toilets. The smell is the excessive bacteria growth that is piling up on the grout in between your bathroom tiles. A good professional janitorial company will clean your bathrooms; a great one will sanitize thoroughly. Make sure you’re hiring a company that knows the difference and is willing to deep clean when necessary.

Most professional janitorial companies clean toilets and floors with a mop used on other floors in the building. This method only helps in scratching the top surface away while sharing a lot of bacteria from the other floors. The chemicals that cover up the smelly odor in your bathroom can fade as soon as the next day. The soils embedded in the grout are also not removed. So, the bathroom seems to require more cleanings, which results in extra money out of your pocket.

Your Stinky Restroom, Our Solution

iNX equips our crews with much more than buckets and mops. We tackle the smelliest and most stubborn odors that thrive in bathrooms. The tools we come with will remove the embedded contaminated soils in your grout and bathroom floors the first time. So you won’t need anything more than routine maintenance afterward. Once we remove the source of the problem, we remove the smell. You will save money because you won’t call for extra cleanings since the odor will not quickly return. You also won’t waste your money on chemical air fresheners and additional cleaning materials.

Our methods are effective because we don’t use multiple chemical cleaners. We invest in quality grout and bacteria scrubbing tools and solutions, so your problem doesn’t become chronic. When you choose to outsource your cleaning to iNX, you are spending your money wisely on a job well done.

Our Bathroom Disinfectant Program
We begin by applying a chemical solution on the floors and letting it soak. Next, a high-pressure spray is used to dislodge the embedded soils and bacteria in the grout. We remove the contaminated debris from the grout, and vacuum with our powerful industrial grade vacuum. Our professional janitorial company knows that a bathroom isn’t clean unless we remove the bacteria-laden soil.

After you’ve wisely chosen to partner with iNX, your building won’t continuously smell like someone stepped in something, and your employees and customers will feel welcome. The smell of your lobby will let customers know you value a pleasant experience; free of stinky bathroom odors. Bathroom odors will no longer be a point of embarrassment for your company after you hire our professional janitorial company. No one enjoys smelling other people’s business. So, you can rest assured that your customers and employees won’t acknowledge such odors in your building.

Your lobby and bathroom will not smell like strong chemical versions of flowers and fruits. You also won’t have to worry about those air fresheners wearing off and revealing what they were covering up. You’ll save money on overly fragrant chemical cleaners and air freshening systems because it simply won’t stink anymore. When you choose the right professional janitorial company, your employees will no longer complain about the bathroom continually smelling. You will rest easy because those constant complaints will finally stop rolling in. You’ll be able to relax, knowing that the company you chose knows how to clean and sanitize a bathroom properly.

PS: If you’re tired getting complaints about nasty odors in your restroom, call Team iNX. Schedule your free consultation today!