Unappreciated at Work?

Is the lack of cleanliness making your employees feel unappreciated at work?

The right office janitorial services can make sure your employees feel valued instead of unappreciated.

The typical office desk is home to over 10 million bacteria which is 400 times more than a toilet seat. Elevator buttons, break room microwaves, computer keyboards, and fridge handles are the dirtiest surfaces in your office. If those surfaces are not properly cleaned and sanitized, employees are exposed to excessive bacteria every time the surface is touched. Beyond the health concerns, a messy, disorganized, and dirty work environment can impact mental health. It can cause low morale, lack of motivation, and make employees feel unappreciated. An employee’s outlook can be dismal if they can’t see clearly out of their dirty window. It can also be dismal if they would rather not put their lunch into the grimy breakroom fridge.

A dirty environment can do more than make your employees cringe at the sight of grimy surfaces. Prolonged exposure to dust, dirt, and germs can impact employees, causing persistent allergy issues, respiratory issues, reoccurring colds, and headaches. It can also affect an employee’s motivation. And even if your employees aren’t coughing and wheezing, their lack of motivation and sluggishness will definitely affect the quality of their work. If you have mediocre office janitorial services, employee absenteeism due to illness is because of the filthy and dirty surfaces. If a cold or flu slowly spreads throughout your office, you seriously need to reassess the services you receive.

Your business doesn’t only cater to your employees. Think about all the people who come in including vendors, business partners, suppliers, and prospective employees. You don’t want them to leave with an illness that will create a negative opinion about your business.

Typical office janitorial service companies will underbid your cleaning services to win your business. But doing so creates multiple issues down the line. Underbidding normally means the ones who end up cleaning your office are underpaid. Being underpaid can be a huge demotivation to cleaning staff, which leaves your surface less than thoroughly cleaned.

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Our Solution

We focus on disinfection of surfaces, vacuuming carpets, washing floors and sanitizing restrooms to minimize the spread of germs. We understand that office janitorial services are never a one size fits all. We don’t do proposals over the phone; instead, we come to your facility to correctly assess your unique needs a develop a plan that’s right for your business. We’ll help uncover opportunities for more efficient cleaning that saves you money without throwing effective maintenance out the window. We care about maintaining, not just cleaning.

Know that all the hot spots of bacteria growth are cleaned and sanitized when you use effective office janitorial services. This includes break room surfaces, rest rooms, topical desk sanitization, door knobs, and elevator buttons. We understand you can’t make sure every employee washes their hands after using the bathroom (about five percent do correctly). So, we make sure to clean and sanitize so that your employees will not cringe at dirty knobs or surfaces.

Rest assured your voice will be heard and if anything is amiss, we offer an excellent customer service program. We make sure you won’t be caught in the endless loop of callbacks. We have a 10-step complaint process to address any issues or complaints about our office janitorial services. Our process is designed to make sure you are responded to and you feel valued. We also have a QA assurance process and a very dedicated Customer HUB to ensure top notch quality and consistency.

Life with a High Quality Provider

Your employees will feel comfortable and valued when they don’t have to worry about wiping something down before using it. The fridge won’t be feared, and the microwave will be used instead of feared from years of caked on splatters. They will be excited to come in, so you will have less issues with tardiness. Excellent office janitorial services will show your employees that you care about their health and comfort.

Improved office janitorial services will make sure your employees are working in a cleaner and safer building due to our expertise. Lingering issues (like dust and persistent germs) will be removed from the office. Employees will be more productive. Employees will also feel appreciated, which will boost morale.

You’ll have the right cleaning strategies in place in all locations of your office including restrooms, breakrooms, data centers, and more. You’ll present a positive image of your company to suppliers, potential and current clients, business partners and prospective employees. By selecting Team iNX, you know that you’re getting the best quality office janitorial services. Your employees will thank you.

PS: If you’re ready to motivate your employees with a cleaner, healthier workplace, then call us toll-free 1(888) team-inx today!