Why Am I Always Sick?

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Are the germs in your office making you sick? If your answer is frequently or sometimes, then you seriously need to do something about it. Even if it’s only once in a while, you may not be paying adequate attention to cleanliness and hygiene in the office. Did you know that an average office desk is home to 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? Germs proliferate so fast that they can multiply into millions within hours.
People do not just work in an office, they also do things like eating, drinking and littering. As a result, they also bring germs from the outside. Here are some office hygiene facts that are causing you and your employees to call out sick:

1. The average office desk contains more than 10 million bacteria, which is 400 times more than an average toilet seat, according to the Journal of Occupation and Environmental Medicine.

2. More than 50 percent of office workers do not properly wash their hands after using the restroom, according to a study by Michigan State University. Imagine the amount of germs they are helping to spread.

3. More than 20 percent of office workers never bother to clean their computer keyboard and mouse, which contain millions of germs at any time.

4. About 80 percent of infections spread through contaminated surfaces. The surfaces with the highest bacteria and virus counts are office desks, door handles, water fountains, computer keyboards and mice, telephones, light switches, photocopier buttons, break room faucets, refrigerator door handles, and soap dispensers.

5. Health-related work losses, most notably absenteeism and presenteeism (working while sick), cost US employers $260 billion annually.

How Typical Janitorial Companies Clean

Typical commercial cleaning companies do a less than stellar job. More concerned with cutting their costs and maximizing their profits, they do not use the proper equipment and materials and their staff are not trained. In fact, the majority of their employees do not stick with them long enough to learn on-the-job because of low pay and inadequate facilities. Cleaning for them means simply mopping the floor, wiping the bathroom surfaces, and wiping the countertops. Here is how they usually do it:

  • They mop the floor with a traditional mop and a bucket of water mixed with a cheap floor cleaner. The floor may look clean enough, but the germs are still multiplying happily.
  • They wipe the bathroom surfaces with a rag using cheap and ineffective sanitizers and disinfectants. Quite often, they do not even use sanitizers and disinfectants to cut costs. As a result, bathroom surfaces are left swarming with bacteria and viruses.
  • They wipe the countertop the same way they swipe the bathroom surfaces, leaving them full of germs.
  • They often use the same rag, mop and bucket to clean everything, spreading germs even more. Their cleaning equipment are often old, rusted or of low quality and do not work properly. The cheap cleaning disinfectants and sanitizers are not strong enough to kill the germs.
  • Advanced technology for showroom floor cleaning & maintenance
  • Parking lot power washing & sweeping
  • Restroom sanitizing & disinfectant programs
  • Window washing & glass cleaning
  • Disinfect doorknobs, telephones, & light switches
  • Provisioning of supplies, & much more!

How We Clean – The New Standard in Janitorial

We do not just mop the floor, wipe the countertops and swipe the bathroom. That’s old fashioned and not effective. When we clean your office, we make sure that it is not only spotlessly clean but also totally free of germs that can cause infections. As the new standard in janitorial, we use the latest cleaning technology, such as using the iMop for floors, better chemicals and green products.

Here is a look at some of our advanced cleaning methods:

iMop for Cleaning Floors: iMop is a revolutionary new equipment that combines the flexibility of a mop with the power and speed of industrial motors. You can clean any surface with it. Applying a 22 kg head pressure on a 460 mm wide brush area, it can make any area – including toilet cubicles and the surface under objects like tables – spotlessly clean and germ-free. The machine can be filled, refilled and emptied with ease. Switching between chemicals takes no more than a few seconds (by clicking on a different solution tank).

Advanced Chemicals: Chemicals are the key to destroying bacteria, virus’ and other harmful germs. We use only high quality surface cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants.

Green Cleaning Methods and Products: Green cleaning involves using cleaning methods and products that do not endanger the environment and human health. Did you know the following facts about cleaning products? 30 percent of cleaning products contain ingredients than can cause health problems; 53 percent of cleaning products contain ingredients that can harm our lungs; and 22 percent of cleaning products contain ingredients that can use asthma in healthy people. We strictly avoid using such products.

The Highest Standard in Commercial Cleaning: Using our tried and tested systems and processes, we deliver the highest standard in commercial cleaning. We adhere to a strict cleaning schedule, but are willing to accommodate your schedule when the need arises, and deliver consistent cleaning.

What Will Your Office Look Like?

Once you have taken all the various measures to prevent the spread of germs, including hiring a commercial cleaning service provider, you will begin to notice many positive changes in your office.

• Reduced Absenteeism: There will be less absenteeism because your employees will be sick less often. Absenteeism is a huge problem in offices everywhere, costing businesses in the United States millions of dollars every year, and most of it is caused by illnesses.

• Happier and More Efficient Employees: You will see happier faces and increased efficiency. Everyone likes working in a clean and hygienic workplace where they do not have to worry about getting hurt or sick. Your staff will be less stressed, more enthusiastic towards their work, and more motivated to produce results. The end result is increased efficiency.

• Highly Impressed Visitors: Your visitors will be impressed by how clean and hygienic your office is. Creating a great impression is the first step in building a lasting business relationship. An immaculately clean, hygienic and organized office is a mark of professionalism, commitment and success. The moment your clients walk into your office, they will feel good about it and develop positive feelings about you.

Closing Thoughts

Using the latest cleaning technology makes our style and standard of cleaning superior to the norm. When you leave your office cleaning to us, you will never have to worry about infections, grumbling employees and disgusted customers.

P.S. If you’re ready for your employees to stop calling in sick and eliminate those hidden germs, call Team iNX. Schedule your free consultation today!