Evaluating Inconsistent Service

Are You Experiencing Roller Coaster Service?

Are you or have you been a victim of a roller coaster service by your commercial cleaning service provider? First, let’s explore what that means, although you’ve probably made a good guess by now. It refers to what a roller coaster ride is like — sometimes fast and sometimes slow. To describe it in a single word, inconsistent. Some commercial cleaning contractors cheat their clients by providing just that kind of service – sometimes good and sometimes bad.

The truth is, not all commercial cleaning service providers are consistent. If you are fed up with your service provider’s roller coaster service, talk to him or her and demand consistent service. But, what exactly does consistent service mean? It means the service provider should provide the same high-quality service every day for the entire duration of the contract.

A consistent cleaning service provider has the following attributes:

• Timeliness

Timeliness is an important attribute of consistent commercial cleaning service providers, such as iNX. They are very particular about doing everything on time. They know even a small delay can disrupt their client’s work schedule and lead to losses. Their workers are never late. They arrive at the workplace on time each service day, start working without a delay, and finish their work on time. When you have a complaint or request, the provider doesn’t make your wait for even one more minute than necessary. There are no delays in waiting time, lining up time, and processing times for customers’ complaints and requests.

Do your commercial cleaning janitors always arrive on time and start working without wasting even a minute? Do they finish the cleaning on time? Does your cleaning contractor respond to your telephone calls or e-mails quickly and attend to your needs without testing your patience? If your answers are yes to all, then your cleaning service provider is a stickler for time. You should be happy.


Reliability is another important trait of a consistent commercial cleaning provider. Reliable cleaning contractors never let their clients down. They provide every cleaning service covered by the contract. They do it without having to be reminded and without charging extra costs. You can always trust their workers to arrive on time and you can always trust them to do their work diligently. They give you a high-quality service every day without fail. Whenever you need extra cleaning or emergency cleaning, you can trust the contractor to immediately comply with your request. Having such a cleaning contractor makes your life easy and allows you to devote your full time to your core business.

Can you call your commercial cleaning provider reliable? Complete the following checklist to answer this question.

  • -Your workplace is always neat and clean.
  • -There are always a fixed number of janitors and they are always punctual.
  • -You see the same faces every day (and this is very important from the viewpoint of security).
  • -You can talk to your contractor whenever you need to.
  • -Your contractor is happy to be of service whenever you require emergency cleaning.

If the answer is yes to all, then your cleaning service provider is reliable.

• Responsiveness

One way you can distinguish a consistent commercial cleaning service provider from an inconsistent one is the former always responds to your telephone calls and e-mails. If he or she is busy, he or she will get back to you as soon as he or she is free. The provider will not keep you waiting to discuss your problems or express your grievances. After listening to you, the provider will act to solve your problem. Inconsistent service providers, on the other hand, are highly communicative when things are good, but become hard to reach as soon as problems appear. They are not interested in helping you and solving your problems; they are only interested in making fast money.

How responsive is your commercial cleaning provider?

  • -Is he or she always reachable?
  • -Does he or she always answer your phone?
  • -Does he or she always reply to your e-mails?
  • -Is the contractor always communicative?
  • -Does he or she always listen to you?
  • -Is he or she always ready to help solve your problems?

If the answer is yes to all, then your cleaning contractor is responsive. Make sure your contractor maintains the same level of responsiveness throughout the agreement period.

• Completeness of Services

Another attribute of a consistent commercial cleaning is the completeness of services. This means the service provider provides all the services covered by the scope of work section agreement whenever they are required. If the scope states that carpets will be washed every six months, then they will wash the carpets every six months. They will also provide auxiliary and complimentary services whenever the need arises. But, it’s not just the number of services that are important. The quality of the services provided is equally important. A consistent cleaning service provider always provides the same high standard of service.

Does your commercial cleaning company provide all the services included in the scope of work in the agreement? Does he or she always maintain the same high standard of service? If the answer is “Yes” to both questions, then your service provider is consistent. If the answer is “No,” an explanation is needed.

If you are planning to outsource your cleaning services, speak with iNX– we guarantee you won’t experience roller coaster service. For reference, you can check the reviews written by other clients.