Improve School

First line of defense against illness–
kill all the harmful viruses & bacteria that
schools are often a breeding ground for.

Green Cleaning

Be environmentally responsible by
opting to choose the least toxic products &
techniques for your facility.

Consistent Coverage

A customized, tailored approach makes sure
cleanliness never falls behind.


From universities to elementary schools,
cleaning is critical to maintaining a healthy learning environment.

Campus and educational facility cleaning can include:

  • Day porters & overnight cleaning crews
  • Classroom & office cleaning
  • Gym & locker room sanitizing
  • Restroom sanitizing & disinfectant programs
  • Provisioning of supplies
  • Floor stripping & waxing
  • Air condition vent cleaning
  • Kitchen & lounge area cleaning
  • Disinfect doorknobs, telephones, & light switches

Plus, we’re always pleased to accomodate your custom cleaning requests.

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