Nightly Cleaning Services

Imagine walking into your workplace each morning to find a pristine environment that radiates professionalism and care. Our nightly commercial cleaning services create a clean and welcoming atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and enhances the productivity and well-being of your employees.

Why Choose Our Nightly Commercial Cleaning Services?

At iNX, we understand that maintaining a clean and presentable workplace is essential for the success of your business. Our team of dedicated cleaners is committed to going beyond expectations to create a clean and inviting environment for your employees and clients alike.

Unmatched Expertise

With years of industry experience, we have honed our skills to perfection. Our cleaning professionals are meticulously trained and knowledgeable in the latest cleaning techniques and technologies. We take pride in delivering exceptional results every single time.

Customized Cleaning Plans

We understand that every business is unique and has specific cleaning needs. That's why we offer tailored cleaning plans to accommodate your requirements. Whether you operate a large office, a retail store, or a medical facility, we will design a cleaning program that suits your space, schedule, and budget.

Flexibility & Reliability

We understand that your business operates on a schedule — and disruptions can be costly. Our cleaning services are available during non-business hours, allowing us to work efficiently without interrupting your daily operations. You can rely on us to be punctual, consistent, and trustworthy.

Proudly Serving Southern California for Over 20 Years.

Over 200 Janitorial Services to
Complete Your Checklist.

No matter your needs, we’ve got you covered. From wiping down surfaces and cleaning floors to electrostatic disinfection and pressure washing, we’ll create a custom scope of work to get it right, including:

Office Cleaning

Our cleaners vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, clean and disinfect surfaces, break rooms, and restrooms. We also empty trash and break down cardboard, do dishes, restock kitchen supplies and clean appliances like refrigerators, coffee makers, microwaves, and toasters as needed.

Hard Surface & Carpet Cleaning

No matter what surfaces are in your facility, our team uses the latest technology and techniques to keep them clean.  Whether it’s machine scrubbing your concrete and tile, stripping and waxing your VCT flooring, or removing embedded debris and stains from your carpets – iNX does it all.

Window Washing

Keep your interior and exterior windows and glass panels pristine with regular detailing. Make a great first impression by frequently eliminating fingerprints, water deposit buildup, landscape debris, pollen, insects, and more.

Day Porter

Day porters provide flexible cleaning services to keep your facilities clean throughout the day, tackling tasks as they come up. Day porters are often paired with a night cleaning team to offer around-the-clock services.

Night Crew Services

Our crews’ schedule can be tailored to seamlessly service your facility between shifts and make sure it’s pristine when your staff shows up in the morning. 

Pressure Washing

Our crews can pressure wash concrete walkways, driveways, and sidewalks; brick, block, and stone building exteriors; warehouse and garage floors; parking lots and loading docks; and dumpster areas and trash rooms.

Processes Designed to Ensure Consistent Quality, Day After Day.

Our quality assurance process follows the adage that “people respect what you inspect.” Achieving quality takes more than just a clipboard and a check list — there are several key components that go into a successful quality assurance initiative:

Quality Assurance Narratives

Checklists are great for tracking data, but not for training. Each inspection includes detailed descriptions to help supervisors show staff specific areas and issues requiring attention.

Periodic Safety Inspections

iNX performs surprise inspections during cleanings to assess proper safety practices and use of approved cleaning supplies.

Frequent Service Inspections

Supervisors periodically supervise each facility cleaned. The frequency of inspections is generally dictated by facility size and type, and can be modified to suit the client’s needs.

Staff Feedback

Feedback is the key to closed-loop quality management. iNX’s quality assurance methods are designed to help the cleaning crew continuously improve their level of service.

Corporate Auditing

The iNX corporate facility management team independently audits all QA reports ensuring accuracy and completeness