The Link Between Cleanliness & Rent Prices

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How Cleanliness Affects the Price You Can Charge for Rent

Attention Property Managers! Cleanliness is a major player when it comes to rent prices.

Residential communities are becoming very popular property investments for many people. They are safe and secure and have many advantages to those who live in them. Many people buy property there to enjoy the community lifestyle, while many see the purchase as an investment with a vision of living there when they are older. Some people simply buy them as property investments and rent them out. Cleaning and janitorial services are essential to keeping the property in perfect condition. They should also be used for the communal areas of the residential estate. This will increase the value of the properties and allow the owner to charge higher rent.

Rental prices are determined by several factors. The address is important, but so are the amenities in the area. Safety and security is also an important factor. In residential communities, there are normal facilities available to residents, including communal swimming pools, sports facilities, gyms, salons, shops, restaurants, and recreational areas. These all need to be kept in pristine condition to guarantee the properties can command a good rental. This is where good cleaning and janitorial services become important.

The individual houses, apartments, and units in the residential community must be kept clean and attractive. Again, a professional cleaning company can provide excellent service to residents, owners, and property managers.

While you get some great tenants, not all renters look after properties as well as they should. Many simply do basic cleaning and tidying. And, because it is not their house, they do not do a professional cleaning job. This could seriously affect the value of the property and decrease the amount of rent you can charge. If you used a cleaning and janitorial services company, it would guarantee that the property is cleaned properly from top to bottom and inside and outside, on a regular basis. This will keep the property in perfect condition all the time. It will reduce maintenance costs and give you control over the cleanliness of the property without having to trust the tenants to clean.

A professional cleaning company specializes in expert cleaning. It has the right equipment and cleaning materials to do a stellar job. It also has the skills and experience to do it properly. You do not have to worry about any HR issues, sick leave, bonuses or overtime. The janitorial services company takes care of these. You can trust that the company will look after your property investment and guarantee you will see a good rental return.

In the current volatile economic climate, many tenants find themselves in financial difficulty. This often results in them falling behind on rent and eventually being forced to vacate the property. Since they are in dire financial difficulty, they very often start to neglect the property. This is the result of a combination of depression at their lack of income and they simply do not have money to buy basic cleaning materials to properly maintain the house. They simply give up and make little-to-no effort to clean and maintain the property. This seriously jeopardizes your investment.

When it gets to the point of them being evicted, you might find your property investment in very poor condition. It might take a professional cleaning team some time to get the property clean again before you can show it to a prospective tenant and start earning a rental income again. If you had been using a professional cleaning and janitorial services from the start, you would be able to rent the property immediately for a decent price. This could make all the difference in the success or failure of your property investment.

Property Managers

The property managers who oversee the residential community charge a monthly levy or fee for the upkeep of the common areas and amenities. This includes gate control, gardens, and landscaping and any other facilities, such as gyms, clubhouses, and recreational areas.

Making use of a quality cleaning and janitorial services company will save them many headaches. The company can guarantee all aspects of the cleaning will be done professionally and competently at all times.

Homeowners and tenants will be happy, and the property value and rental income will be maintained at a price that is good. Again, they shouldn’t have to deal with internal staff and HR issues. They do not have to invest in buying and maintaining cleaning equipment and they do not have to constantly buy and control cleaning supplies.

First impressions count and a professional janitorial company will make sure that impression is a good one. People will notice litter, dust or dirt immediately, and this will keep them from investing in the residential community. A fresh, clean appearance will give prospective investors the confidence that the estate is well-managed and well-maintained. It will encourage them to invest in the property.

Regular cleaning will help retain the value of the property and reduce maintenance fees. Property investing can be a risky business and property management is extremely demanding. Employing the services of a professional cleaning company will have a direct impact on the rent that can be charged, not only for your specific property but it will help to improve the rental value of all properties within a residential community. Clean and tidy common areas and facilities in the community will have the same effect.

As a landlord, you will not be around to regularly inspect the property and guarantee it is being cleaned to the correct standards. By making use of professional services, you will have peace of mind, knowing that your property is getting the TLC it needs to look good at all times. If you find yourself in a position where you have to rent it out quickly, you will have confidence knowing that it will look clean and neat. The same applies to the rest of the estate.

Closing Thoughts

Look for a company with expertise and experience in cleaning and maintaining residential communities. Give the local experts at iNX a call today to ensure your peace of mind.