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Property management is not for the fainthearted. It takes a lot of research, some courage and plenty of hard work. It can be a lucrative business if you get it right, but there are many challenges to deal with. As a result, people often lose sight of important fundamentals that are essential for success. A clean property is critical to the success of the investment and a professional cleaning company is necessary to ensure this.

With so many other important factors to consider, a clean property is not a magic solution guaranteeing profits. A sparkling clean building in a bad neighborhood with few schools and a high crime rate probably won’t do very well.

Conversely, a great building in a top neighborhood can fail if it is dirty and untidy. Despite the many other important things that must be considered, without good commercial janitorial cleaning, the building will have a hard time attracting the right tenants.

There are several things a clean building will help a property manager achieve.

Attracting Investors or Tenants

As the business is all about getting a return on your property investment, it is essential you attract other investors, if you are selling off units, or tenants, if you are renting the places out. Either way, an untidy building, and its environs will instantly put people off. Without good janitorial services, it will be an uphill battle.

No one wants to live or work in a dirty environment. Any dirt or mess will be instantly noticed by anyone showing an interest in the property and will immediately put him or her off. You could have an attractive offer at a fair price but a dirty floor or streaky window could cost you the deal.

If people are buying a fixer-upper property, they will look past these issues and can visualize what needs to be done to get the place looking great. When renting a property, most people want to see it at its best and. This is why a professional cleaning company is so important.


A building or property that is not regularly cleaned and tidy will eventually develop a negative reputation. People who have never even seen it or visited it will already have a poor impression. This can spell disaster for the property managers and make their jobs that much more difficult. It will take time, effort, and expense to reverse that negative reputation.

Keeping Existing Tenants Happy

As a property manager, you must not only seek out new tenants but also must keep existing tenants happy. You might experience many challenges with tenants from bad behavior and loud noise to late rental payments.

As much as both parties’ obligations are defined by the lease, do not give the tenants any ammunition to use against you. If the property is poorly cleaned and maintained, they have a valid grievance and this could give them leverage when fighting a rent issue.

Use a reputable commercial janitorial cleaning services company to make certain the entire property, all its common areas, and relevant external areas are correctly cleaned often. This will mean that the property managers are upholding their side of the agreement and not giving the tenants anything to use against them.

property management commercial janitorial professional cleaning services los angeles

Reduce Complaints

If tenants are not happy with aspects of the building or the service they are receiving, they have a right to complain. It is time-consuming for the management company to field these complaints, follow up on them, and resolve the issue.

If the complaint is valid, the janitorial services company has to be consulted to establish the reason for the problem and the plan to resolve it quickly. This all takes valuable time that could have been better allocated to other work.

A professional cleaning company will seldom, if ever, give an opportunity for tenants to express a valid complaint about the cleanliness of the building. Here you simply need to inspect the area, take photographs, and advise the tenants that their claim is unfounded.

Reduce Maintenance & Repair Costs

A commercial janitorial cleaning company that is doing a good job of keeping the property clean also delivers another benefit. Any snags, leaks or maintenance issues will immediately be noticed if the entire building is correctly cleaned.

A dirty building can easily hide problems, often for quite some time. A cracked floor, leaking pipe or other issues will often not be visible when the surrounding area is dirty.

By addressing the cause of the problem in time, repair and maintenance costs can be drastically reduced. A leaking pipe in a roof that goes undetected for some time could do a huge amount of damage and be costly to repair. Had the roof and ceiling been clean, the leak would probably have been noticed immediately.

These are just some of the benefits the property management company will get from a professional cleaning company. It will give you one less thing to worry about, protect the value of your investment, and make it an attractive and appealing place for investors or tenants.

Obviously, there are many other important things that must be done to be to ensure it is a good investment. The expression, “location, location, location” is still very true. You want to invest in a neighborhood with low crime, low unemployment, good schools, and good amenities.

You also want to screen and select your tenants very carefully. Make sure you address any issues as quickly as possible before they become difficult to deal with. The longer you leave it, the harder it will become.

Keep a close eye on the finances at all times. Be sure you understand the property taxes and utilities and make sure the rents come in on time while expenses are managed correctly.

There are many important considerations to balance for greater profitability, but it all starts with having a clean and healthy environment. It is the first thing people will notice and the last thing they will remember. Make sure you have a professional cleaning company to help you achieve this.

If you want to discuss your requirements with a company that has many years keeping managed properties looking good and clean, give TeamiNX a call. Let our representatives explain the solution they can offer to look after your investment and ensure you see the profits that you should.