Highly customized janitorial services help you maintain a professional image & a healthy office environment.

Office cleaning services Los Angeles

Customized Office Cleaning

Customized, tailored office janitorial services bring consistency to your unique office operation.

Professional office cleaning services

Professional Equipment

From floor scrubbers to restroom disinfectant programs, first rate tools & equipment
produce consistent, high quality results.

Commercial office janitorial services

Frequent Check-in Meetings

Whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, scheduled meetings ensure all your office cleaning needs are met.

Office cleaning services Glendale

Office cleaning services don’t just
stop at dusting desks & cleaning restrooms.

From floor & carpet programs, to window washing & exterior pressure washing,
high quality janitorial providers help uncover what’s best for your business.

Office Cleaning Services Could Include:

  • Cleaning & Disinfecting Surfaces
  • Vacuuming, Sweeping & Mopping
  • Day Porter Services
  • Emptying Trash and Recycling Bins, & Breaking Down Cardboard
  • Cleaning of Break Rooms & Restrooms
  • Restocking Dispensers and Supplies
  • Dishes
  • Dusting
  • Window Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Parking Lot & Sidewalk Cleanup
  • Appliance Cleaning
    (i.e. Refrigerators, Microwaves, Coffee Pots, Water Dispensers, etc.)

Plus, we’re always pleased to accommodate your custom cleaning requests.

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The 3 Secrets to Getting The Most From a Commercial Janitorial Provider

How many times have you thought you had a reliable commercial janitorial service provider, only to wind up replacing them in just 10 months? It’s frustrating trying to find a service that doesn’t create more problems than solutions. We know — we’ve been there. And to save you the trouble, we’re giving up our best secrets so you can put an end to the revolving door of commercial janitorial providers and find reliable, consistent cleaners.

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