Overcoming Challenges in Manufacturing Facility Cleaning


What are the Benefits of Routine Professional Cleaning in Manufacturing Facilities?

  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Dealing with Hard-To-Clean Areas
  • A Comprehensive Approach to Overcome Cleaning Challenges
  • Unparalleled Industry Knowledge
  • Reduced Fire Risks and Plant Shutdowns
  • Time and Money Savings

Imagine a manufacturing plant caked with grease, oil stains, and dirt, with discarded equipment and tools lying around. Windows and walls are coated with soot, dust, and grime, and a noisy HVAC unit sputters to life every so often.

Now imagine a manufacturing plant with clean floors, clean walls, and air ducts that hum with effortless efficiency. Where would you rather work? And which place inspires consumer confidence and produces high-quality products?

When cleanliness isn’t maintained, manufacturing plants and facilities can face many challenges such as delays and shutdowns, which negatively impact your bottom line and your employees. As essential as thorough cleaning is in these industries, hiring the right janitorial company that can meet the unique needs of your facility can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, we at iNX are no strangers to the manufacturing industry and understand how important it is to maintain superior cleanliness throughout the entire facility, especially in production areas. We understand the risks associated with manufacturing environments and are well-versed in adhering to production floor guidelines, maintaining cleaning logs, and supporting any needs unique to your business.

No matter what your manufacturing facility produces, it must be kept up to (or better than) industry standard. Whether your facility specializes in food production or packaging, textiles, printing & publications, technology, cars, cosmetics, or general packaging, iNX will take into account the specific needs of your facility in order to meet regulations as well as uphold the professional standard of your company and business.

To learn more about how iNX can improve the cleanliness and efficiency of your manufacturing space with a customized cleaning plan, please call 1(888) TEAM-iNX or fill out this form to speak with a representative today!